‘I Was Bigfoot’

30 07 2008

I realize the dart talk is probably driving you nuts but we played again yesterday. It’s a dartcation instead of a vacation. That’s all I want to do this week.

We’ve been seeking out new places to play and yesterday was no exception. We played game after game and we met a big guy named Jerry who spent his career working on what they call around here “the boat.” In other words, he worked a barge on the Mississippi. He was a large man with a bushy fringe surrounding his bald head and he had one of those grins on his face that would light up a room. He appeared to be friendly.

We were talking about how the captains on Deadliest Catch toast the season by drinking duck farts and his eyes lit up. He told us of the time he fell off the boat in St. Louis. He said it was terrifying and he was screaming and yelling for someone to help.

“The captain got to me and brought me back in. I was shivering and yelling. He sent me to a Motel 8 and let me rest for the night,” He said. “It scared me.”

The captain called him the next morning. Reports on the local news were that there had been several Bigfoot sitings claiming that the sasquatch was swimming in the Mississippi.

Jerry smiled, “Yeah, that was me. I was Bigfoot.”

Sometimes I wish my job was just playing darts and getting wonderful stories like this from strangers. That would, I’m finding out, be my dream. I like talking, but listening is so much better.

Later we found another place to play darts. The club was ratty, extension cords lined the walls and there were abandoned jukeboxes everywhere but the dart board was a good one. The man behind the bar wore a toupee that had to be 20 years old. He is probably 70. He said he was glad that “womens” were in his establishment.

I danced with the carpenter who is working on the awning of our building.

I’m learning to appreciate the world around me.




3 responses

30 07 2008

I understand the darts thing. My sister and brother-in-law took up the habit while they were still dating and fell in love with it. Every time they have moved since they married, one of the first things they do is start searching out a good place for darts. They have their own very nice dart sets (set? kit? whatever?) and everything.

30 07 2008

Squirrelly and I ordered a set yesterday. Mine, of course, have zombie flights on them. 🙂

30 07 2008

“abandoned jukeboxes everywhere” Sounds like a scooby doo mystery.

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