30 07 2008


There are times that I just scratch my head. We have another religious sighting in mass-produced food products.

A Missouri woman says she has found Jesus in a bag of Cheetos. When Kelly Ramey opened a snack-sized bag of Cheetos, she felt something unusual and checked it out.

Most of her family and friends believe it looks like a mini orange sculpture of Jesus on the cross. Ramey and her husband call it “Cheesus.” Others see something completely different.

Although the name is brilliant, I might add.

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30 07 2008


That makes me laugh. What if she’d pulled this out of the bag upside down? Would it be be a satanic cheeto?

30 07 2008

And behold the sighting of Jesus in this family cat’s fur…

30 07 2008

This would be a time to hear Kate Campbell’s “Jesus and Tomatoes Coming Soon”…

30 07 2008

I cry copyright infringement. “Cheesus” is what my daughter called “Jesus” when she was little. LOL

30 07 2008
Joe P.

“Did he say ‘Blessed are the Cheese-makers’?”

“Obviously, it’s a reference to makers of all dairy products.”

from “Life of Brian”

heh heh

30 07 2008

Cheesus Chrisp Superstar.
Now that’s a tasty communion.

30 07 2008

Oh yes. Perfect timing with the latest Indexed comic.

31 07 2008

People kill me.

I have a musician friend who wrote and recorded a song called “Drinking Beer with Jesus”. He should write another one, “I Found Jesus in a Bag of Cheetos” would be a good companion piece.

Or “I Found Cheesus…”, I mean. Heh.

31 07 2008

I always find Jesus in a bag of Cheetos.

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