Raising Hell With A Perv On Flickr

28 07 2008

Yesterday, I posted some pictures on to Flickr. Just some random shots of my family, my silly obsession of taking pictures of my dogs, veggie shots and the like. Things that interest me. Ironically, I spoke to my sister about I wanted her to sign up for flickr so I could mark some of the photos of the nieces family/friends only. She said she would.

Some of my nieces’ photographs are public. My youngest niece loves having her picture taken with the dogs and I comply. She’s cute as a bug and she likes to pose and pretend she is model.

Well, I uploaded a shot of her just lounging about. I didn’t see anything wrong with this picture. Just a little girl lying against a refrigerator talking to her Aunt Tick (that’s what they call me.)

I made a mistake. One very grave mistake that I won’t make again. I tagged the picture “kids” which I should have never done.

Within 20 minutes, I noticed that one of the public photos I put up had been favorited. I thought Homer had done that. I went to the account.

There were dozens and dozens of pictures of young girls. My niece’s had been favorited and the person had put it in a set called “Tiny T**ties. I was speechless. I started to look around and there were dozens of these, just young girls playing around that this person had other things that I’ll just say were disturbing and unmentionable. I immediately changed the tag of kids, privated several more of their pictures just for friends and family and, quite frankly, went into a blind rage.

I’ve never been so angry in my life. I complained to Flickr and I apparently raised enough hell that when I went back to see if this pervert was still doing this, I noticed Flickr had deleted this person’s account for being inappropriate.

Jagadiah had a problem with this as well.

I have a camera on me at all times. I take pictures of things that interest me and for my job. There are people like Squirrel Queen, Chris Wage and I that are always snapping pictures of something. And there are many times I haven’t put up pictures of my nieces because I was afraid that they might be seen by someone who might think of getting their jollies off. I thought this photo was appropriate. I only tagged “kids” this one time. It took no time for someone to seek this out.¬† SQ, Wage and I aren’t predators. We like taking pictures of things and we make the call, responsibly, of what is appropriate and what isn’t because we are good people.

But it’s sick people like this person who was sexually stimulated by a picture of my niece that ruin it for everyone with a camera.

Learn from me. Don’t tag your pics on Flickr with “kids” in the tagline.




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28 07 2008


I’m just going to get rid of all the photos of my kids on Flickr. I’ve known for some time these people exist, but imagined they’d never find any photos by little old me.

These people need help.

28 07 2008

Unbelievable. I have a bunch of pictures of friends’ kids on my Flickr account, all tagged “kids,” and this made me mark them all for friends and family.

28 07 2008

I’m glad your pervert favorited one so you knew who to report. Do these people not think about what they’re doing? God, this makes me so mad. Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting.

28 07 2008
Karen Moorhead

I’m so sorry this happened and you are not the first one who said something like this. I have a flickr account and only one photo of my kids isn’t “for friends only” and I didn’t tag it so I better go make sure it isn’t copied…although I’m not sure how to check. Anyway, I’m a2karen on flickr if you’d like to see my photos. The kids are too cute with the pups.

ps I found you from twitter…I’m a2karen there too.

28 07 2008

The percentage of pervs on flickr is small, they are just very aggressive and blatant. If someone “friends” you on flickr and you don’t know them, look at the groups they belong to. Anything fishy? Block user. Look at the pics they have favorited. Anything fishy? Block user. The same person will probably create several new fake accounts (not pro) and repeat their attacks on you. Just calmly block and delete.

28 07 2008

Now I get it. Disturbing.

28 07 2008

I figure this person already has a new account. I realize what I did was little more than a speed bump but it was one of those times I felt like I needed to do something.
I’ve privated most of the pictures just for friends and family and consulted with Homer about what could stay public.
It was blatant.

28 07 2008

You know, I thought I was anal retentive — when I started my Flickr account, I automatically set all my photos with someone I know to “private – friends, family” — If someone that isn’t on Flickr would like to see the set, I email the set to them with a “guest pass” — I don’t guess I have any photos of children on there, but I suppose my paranoia about freaky people pays off.

28 07 2008

A friend of mine used to propose castration by brick as fit punishment for a handful of crimes.

I’m thinking this qualifies.

I am so sorry y’all had to spend even a millisecond of worry on that waste of skin.

And I think those photos are absolutely precious and hilarious. I am regularly amazed at the joy these younguns bring us.

Kiss everyone for us, and hug yourselves very thoroughly on our behalf. We loves all y’all. (And we are jealous of that feed. Yum!)

28 07 2008
chez beziat

I once shared a cute picture of one of my little ones because I was proud of the photograph. Within a week I had to take it down and report a jerk to flickr.

My best your way.

28 07 2008

that is nutty, it’s part of the reason i don’t title photos when i post of our youth group.

28 07 2008

These people are the nasty most disgusting people alive. I have always hesitated to put pics up of the kids but when I do I usually don’t tag them at all. I have never had a pic favorited.

28 07 2008
Nashville Photography

You should definitely keep pictures of children private for a million reasons, one of them mentioned above. Give access only to family and friends.

There was a story a while back where a young girl and her family found out that the young girls picture had been taken off of flickr and used on a Virgin Mobile billboard ad in Australia.

28 07 2008

grrrrr. We need to have a special justice system just for this kind of pervert. Something scary and harsh.

28 07 2008
A Public Service Announcement « Design Drama

[…] further rambling, I’ll direct you to Newscoma’s first hand account of her experience with the perverts that surf the […]

28 07 2008

Wow… sorry this happened to you.

28 07 2008

I’m so sorry this happened. Overall, I think Flickr is probably MOSTLY safe but it’s a good idea to not tag the photos “kids” or such, and probably a pretty good idea to leave such photos available to friends and family only.

I would daresay it’s probably a pretty small faction of pervs haunting Flickr tho – it’s just not really a hotbed of the kind of stuff they are looking for.

The other good news is there will probably be even less of them hanging around Flickr now thanks to you reporting that, because if there are online groups of such pervs, they’ll get wind of it and decide it’s just not worth the hassle. SOME of them, anyway.

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