Mad Men, Shark Week And Darts

28 07 2008

I watched Mad Men this morning and I’m honestly convinced that this is a show not only about the sixties but about the realities of being a grown up.

Don Draper’s mid-life crisis from last night’s episode has to be one of the most realistic emotional tones I’ve ever seen. Apparently in 1962, 36-years-old was considered old. Who knew?

I’m headed out to play darts and enjoy my staycation. One thing to tell you is that if you aren’t watching Mad Men, I suggest you do.

It’s smart television. And read this about the poetry book from Frank O’Hara that Draper was perusing in last night’s epi. Whoa.

Of course I’ll be watching Mike Rowe vomit on Shark Week tonight. I do this so you guys don’t have to.

I’m a balanced TV aficionado.




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28 07 2008
Sean Braisted

Apparently in 1962, 36-years-old was considered old. Who knew?

Could have something to do with the excessive amounts of booze and cigarettes.

28 07 2008

I know Season 2 just started last night, but we just started Season 1 last night. Love this show already. Great writing–great, great writing.

Please be careful with spoilers–it’s going to take us a couple of weeks to get caught up!!!

28 07 2008

Ya know, I gotta carp about it some. All the guys they show are so completely emotionally disconnected from anyone. Now, granted, that was the big, common failing of the men of that generation, which is why I could never take the ‘greatest generation’ hoopla all that seriously. I was a kid at the time this show is set, though, and while a few of the fathers of my friends were as detached from their families as the men they show, most of them were just more or less reserved. I have a lot of trouble recognizing the men I knew (and still know, though they’re getting old) in the models that show presents.

28 07 2008

I watched the first season over 2 days last week – I haven’t been hooked on a show like this – maybe ever. I am anxious to watch the premiere next.

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