Carp Vs. Catfish

27 07 2008

As I’m campaigning that catfish are the sharks/evil doers of ponds and lakes during Shark Week I must bring up the lesser-known Carp.

The Misunderstood Carp

The Misunderstood Carp

I’d never eaten Carp until I meet Squirrel Queen. It’s tastier, in my opinion, that the suspicious catfish which admittedly is pretty darn good unless you are my brother in law, Squeegee Monkey. As a native of Boston and Buffalo NY and a transplanted Hootervillian, he’s not taken to catfish. However he might like the carp.

One never knows.

I also am considering going to what here in Hoots is called a “feed” this afternoon. Basically, people get together and eat food thus the name. Feeds happen in churches and usually American Legions and the like.

“Feeds” also remind me of zombie annihilation but maybe that’s just me.

The swinging life of Hooterville. My main reason of wanting to go to this particular feed is the establishment has a dart board.

And from my understanding, they are serving fish.

Thus this very unpolitically correct blog post.

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4 responses

27 07 2008

what on earth would possess you to eat CARP????

27 07 2008

It’s not bad. I said the same thing. Yet, it was like eating sushi for the first time.
I’ll try anything except raisins.

27 07 2008

there is no way I would ever try carp. People talk about catfish being “bottom feeders” — well, carp will eat anything… they’re like the trash cans of lakes. And they’re basically made of cartilage.

no way, never – never would I eat carp.

oh, I’m with you on the raisins… yuck

27 07 2008

Raisins are evil. We will do this next.

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