Catfish Are Ugly

25 07 2008

In honor of Shark Week, I’m taking a few days off from the job to work on some personal stuff. Let us discuss Shark Week for a few moments.

Sharks are fascinating because they are killing, eating machines. They have no qualms or guilt about eating.

They are the Chuck Norris of the sea.

I am very odd about the ocean and lakes. I love the water but fish weird me out.

When I was a kid my parents took us to Paris Landing. I had a $1 scuba mask. Now, if you have been swimming at Paris Landing, there are these jagged, angry rocks that are in the shallows that tear the hell out of your feet. But I went bounding in anyway with great enthusiasm and abandon with my little mask sitting atop my face.

And then I went under and saw all the catfish. I have to tell you, I walked on water getting out.

Fish freak me out. It’s their world not mine.

And catfish are UGLY.

You may be saying, “Newscoma, how can you discriminate against catfish?”

I can and I do discriminate against them. So there. Sue me. You also may be wondering why I’m comparing catfish to sharks when there is no known connection.

I don’t know but in some odd yet disturbing way, it makes sense to me.

But I still love shark week.

A therapist would have a field day with me.

Image credit from National Geographic




7 responses

25 07 2008

Ugly from the front, yes. Ugly from the back. Ugly ugly ugly.

But tasty.

25 07 2008

Fried. That’s how I like my catfish.

25 07 2008

Breaded and fried makes even the ugliest fish beautiful.

25 07 2008

ack. i’m with you. whenever i am in the water, whether a lake or the big blue ocean, I have to suppress sheer panic everytime something swim by me…

i’d much rather just sit and look at the water from my beach chair.

25 07 2008

they might be ugly, but they are tasty…

25 07 2008

What about dolphins? They’re in the sea – they’re pretty.

psst. I’ve never had catfish. I feel so empty and sad.

26 07 2008

Wow!!! If BF and I had landed that catfish we’d have taken care of our fish fry in one trip. I’m jealous of those fishermen!
I used to think catfish were kinda cute, but now I have enough battle scars from them to change my tune.

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