Obama’s Legacy

24 07 2008

I haven’t really been able to wrap my head around all the things that are happening with Barack Obama right now.

Despite the fact that I lean to the left side of the aisle, I am also hesitant when it comes to believing in anyone in office. I spoke to a woman last night who sort of takes care of me and mothers me. She knew my mom very well and she fills the role of being a nurturer when I need it. I find myself seeking her out a couple of time a week.

Everyone needs a place to feel safe.

Last night, she asked me about what I thought of the whole media circus surrounding Obama. (I guess I should say she could give two craps about politics.) I said it was exciting on many planes but on the other hand, I’m still reserved about it all. I told her I like the fact that the world is excited about him and that gives me hope that we can rebuild our standing globally.

I think 20 years ago I would have been elated to the point of the stars settling in my eyes. Now, I sit and watch. New cycles aren’t what they used to be. A story is now not allowed to grow. It’s an explosion these days and then it’s over. Younger people don’t remember the way Watergate swelled slowly with so much detail and revelations. We watched TIME and the papers. We watched the hearings on three channels which was all we had. Same thing with Iran Contra although it was after 24/7 news became available.

These stories were allowed to evolve.

Now we hear it, we talk about it and it’s not news within a couple of days. The world of communication has changed.

We talked about how my mom would feel if she were still alive about this. I think the issue is, and I said this to her, that we are living in events that will be taught to our children as a monumental time of history. In many ways, it was like her Camelot with the Kennedys.

Am I excited? Sure. I like the fact that Obama appears to know what he’s talking about. And that’s good after years of a Texas oilman that was as clueless as a raccoon and has the personality of a cracked bowling ball. Am I going to watch the Berlin speech. You betcha. It’s history.

Just pontificating after an odd week.




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24 07 2008
Jackson Miller

Once bitten, twice shy?

It is easy to get excited during the primaries. I do it every time, and then my ideal candidate doesn’t make the cut. This is unchartered waters for me.

I am 30. That means my first Presidential vote was cast for Clinton’s second term. There was no other option.

My next vote was in 2000. I voted for Bradley in the primary (in New Hampshire no less). My work at the time was directly related to the presidential election. I saw every major candidate speak prior to the primary election. Gore was playing it too safe. McCain was actually kinda cool. Bush was a joke. When Gore beat Bradley it was easy for Nader to steal the idealist left.

Then there was the night of the 2000 election. I will never forget that night. It was the beginning of a presidential nightmare that has lasted for most of my adult life.

Then there was 2004, the election I almost forgot happened. It was less traumatic but more awe inspiring. How the hell did we lose to Bush fair and square?!? WTF was that? My primary candidate was (obviously) Dean. “Yee Haw” lost an election? Are we that stupid? A draft dodger beat a veteran because of Vietnam? America got what they deserved in 2004 for being such idiots.

I am not all that young anymore. But that is the context of my experience with presidential politics. Aside from the access I had in 2000, my experience is pretty typical for a democrat in their early 30s.

I am not sure why I started writing this comment, but now I am realizing I have to do more. Obama has to win.

24 07 2008

I want him to win too. And there is more to do. Sometimes here in Hoots I feel lost, not knowing what to do and realizing that the Blue Dog philosophy here is not representative of my views which are far more liberal.
I also agree that 2004 stole part of my soul. Is this our Camelot? I wonder about that.
I love it when you comment Jackson.

24 07 2008
Like Feeding Small Children Cigarettes And Coffee : Post Politics: Political News and Views in Tennessee

[…] bemoans the nature of the current media culture: New cycles aren’t what they used to be. A story is now not allowed […]

24 07 2008
Nashville Photography

I don’t think he knows much about what he is talking about. He has 0 experience and continues to B.S. Par for the politics course.

You say you are hesitant about believe what anyone in office has to say than why are you believing B.O.? There is enough info out there that shows time and time again he is lying, flip flopping, etc. Just don’t expect to hear about it from the media, who is overwhelmingly defying objectivity and in full support of the messiah.

As for McCain, same story. At least he has experience and a record.

Politician=Full of B.S.

24 07 2008
Nashville Photography

Let me clarify.

Obama is using a strategy where he is telling his audience what they want to hear and believe (hope, change, whatever). His position on issues will change depending on his audience. The media will give him a free ride regardless because they have no objectivity and desperately want him elected.

24 07 2008

Yeah, but McSame is a scumbag thief and a BushCo sock puppet.

Therefore, Obama gets my vote due the fact that he has more integrity in his penis than McCain has in his entire lineage.
McSame’s “experience” is at abusing hard working people. His “record” is one of shame.

No-Brainer in November

28 07 2008

Let us pray that Obama is the right person for the job. I believe it’s way past the time install a minority in the White House.
Really glad to find your site! My brother lives in Clarkesville. My mom and I always say we’ll move out to Tenn. and I’ll get a job at a small paper. So what do I do? I started my own community paper in the fifth largest city in California?
We will have a lot to talk about, you and I…..

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