KAG Hits The Nail On The Head

24 07 2008

Amen to Katie Allison Granju.

Interactivity is what online journalism – what today’s journalism – is all about. The problem is that no one is really investing the resources necessary to offer real community moderation for sites, thus you get too much of the crazy, worthless stuff and not enough of the good stuff.

There will come a day when newspapers and other major online publications/news sites will recognize that smart community moderation is a specific job skill, requiring knowledge and training.. You have to hire someone with the skills – or a number of someones – and actually pay them to do that specific job. It shouldn’t be an extra job responsibility tacked on to somebody else’s job.

I’m seeing a lot of burnout due to the fact that people are getting more responsibilities tacked on. And after burnout come apathy.


With that said, let me add that this is the reason I’m seriously looking for a job change which has been evolving over the last two years. What kind of change?

With people that get it and deal with the fact that news is changing. Denying that things are changing is a nail to a coffin. It stresses entire news rooms out. Because we get it but sometimes people that aren’t interacting with the community, be it real life or virtual, don’t understand what we folks in the trenches are getting.

Change is here.




One response

24 07 2008

I understand the burnout. There was so much I didn’t get, though, about blogging when I started, which you did get.

That said, now that I know what I know, I combine my background in journalism with blogging, and my readers seem to be happy with that.

I’m not anywhere near making a living from it, but I see a day when I will be. And I don’t see why you couldn’t do the same.

For those who blog because they want to write for them and not for their readers, which is fine…I want to be clear I’m not knocking them or think I’m better or any of that, but they have it a bit easier in the sense they don’t have to worry about if their readers will be happy or if they can attract advertisers.

I’ve found that if I write 5 days a week and don’t spell out f***, I attract advertisers, and I’m sure you would too.

I know you would. Cat Pants would, too. So why not?

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