Advice To John McCain

23 07 2008

I think it goes without saying that John McCain has had a rotten couple of weeks.

I guess that’s why he canceled his press conference, the only one scheduled for this week.

I know these guys get tired. I get tired. I probably need some fruit or something. Possibly a vitamin or a beer.

Maybe I’ll live dangerously and have both.

Anyway, right now McCain is sounding like that weird old guy standing in a dirty wifebeater and plaid golf shorts yelling at kids to get off his lawn while they are sitting on the bikes on the road.

If I were to give any advice to McCain, I’d probably say that the best thing he could do is realize that people have had 8 years of muck. Obama is causing attention because he’s doing things differently. Do something different if all of this is ticking you off.

Oh, and then there is this.




One response

23 07 2008

I’ve got some advice for McBuzzkill,

Hey, John! Save your money and concede the election. Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States. Not you. 😉

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