Reverend Coma

22 07 2008

As this is somewhat of an intensely private day for the friends and family of Stewman, I wish to tell you that even in Stew’s passing, he played his last joke. I like to think he’s sitting on a cloud somewhere with a mic in front of him laughing his fool head off.

So here’s the story. In smalltown America, we sometimes have to write stories about our friends. I had to write the story about Stew for today’s paper. I’m a professional (for about 10 minutes a day when I’m not being an aging adolescent) so I put my teeth to the grindstone to write the story of his passing.

I asked our community editor if the obituary had come in and she got it for me.

I looked down under the “Ministers” for today’s service and lo and behold Squirrel Queen and my names were under that category.


The entire office howled over this one. Even in death he still had the last laugh.

I don’t know what I’ll say today for his eulogy but I guess that if I’m a minister, I’ll talk about how he made us laugh.

As Reverend Coma, I guess that’s my job today.




8 responses

22 07 2008
Paul Chenoweth

Dear Rev., I’m betting that you will do just fine. Your twitter-gregation is solidly behind you.

22 07 2008
Jeffraham Prestonian

Peace be unto you, this fine day.

22 07 2008

What did Carlin say? As long as the congregation is willing to accept your “penance,” everything should be fine.

Drop and give me 20.

22 07 2008
Kathy T.

Strangely, this humor post made me cry. Bless his heart.

22 07 2008

That was classic. We all had a good chuckle over that one.
Hope everything went well today. I know you made Stew proud.

22 07 2008

Sorry I stole your material today. His stories were our stories and as long as one of us told them thats all that matters. Tell Squirrel I loved what she said today. It was so genuine. How fun would it have been to have actually worked with him and that talented bunch she talked about? He really was a star. Speaking of stars, I’m gonna go outside and find the brightest one and blow it a big kiss goodnight before I head off to bed. He was lucky to have friends like you two. He talked about ya’ll all the time.

23 07 2008
Saying Goodbye « Newscoma

[…] spoke about his laughter and his kindness. Our friend Misty spoke of the funny things because he made her promise there would basically he wanted to put the fun […]

23 07 2008
Squirrel Queen

It was my honor to have worked with Stew during that time. It really was like working with the Beatles. They had so many fans. Thank you for sharing your memories of the Breakfast Flakes with everyone and for sharing your personal memories of your time with him too. We were lucky women to have had him as a friend.

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