Kids And The War

21 07 2008

Homer and I hung out yesterday afternoon and it was lovely. There is nothing like having a sister. Seriously, I recommend it highly.

We heard over the weekend that some of the people who inhabit our world are headed back to the Middle East. We quietly spoke about it as not to disturb the kids. They know about the war but they are also kids. Having children and trying to explain war and that some of their friends’ parents are going away is not an easy task to do.

Later in the evening, the oldest niece was rambling on about her new Johnny Depp obsession and said off the top of her head “Are we occupying Iraq?”

I stopped. Where did this 12-year-old get that? I said I thought we probably were and she nodded.

She then talked about Helena Bonham Carter and when she grew up she wanted to try Coors Light because the bottle goes blue. (I will talk to her about this abomination when she gets older.)

Kids pick up a lot from television and from hearing the hushed voices of the adults in the house. You can’t protect them from certain things.

But if I could, I would protect them from the ugliness. I would give my life for these kids.

This morning, I read this story about Joseph Dwyer. It’s hard to read.

Waxing philosophical this morning.




One response

21 07 2008

Dang it, I already cried my eyes out when I had to leave Marley today. I’ve been thinking so much along similar lines about my niece and how much I would do for her if it came to it, and the little thing is only 4 days old. I cannot stand it that I cannot protect her from corrupt governments and wars and words that will hurt. And mainstream country music.

But, I know what she does to me when I’m holding her and she sighs deeply and grasps my finger with her tiny hand. I am a better, happier, more peaceful and loving person in that instant. I can’t help but think that changes the world for the good at least one tiny baby’s breath’s worth.

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