‘I Know You Are But What Am I’

16 07 2008

An excerpt from the eastside.

But nooo. We don’t do that here in Tennessee. Instead we keep the drama going by crying foul over how or why Smith’s email to a public official about public business was released to the public as a public record. (yep, there’s a conspiracy in there somewhere.) Some are taking issue with A.C. Kleinheider, who broke the story and won’t reveal his source because he promised not to reveal his source. You’ve absolutely got to question the character of man who keeps his word. I mean who does that anymore? (And for the record, I think it was a member of Governor Bredesen’s staff in the Bunker with a candlestick.)

But why does the source matter? Are we launching a federal investigation into who embarrassed Robin Smith now that we’re all finished up with the ass of Roger Clemens? We need the source to testify before congress? Or do we just need to know so we can ensure that source never sits at the GOP table with the cool Republicans anymore?

I mean what is it with our party leaders and their seemingly uncontrollable need to engage in these pointless, juvenile never-ending “I know you are but what am I” battles? Can’t someone just call “Infinity,” so we can get a grip, grow up and move on to real-life stuff?

Or is this important in some way I don’t understand?

Just read the whole thing.




6 responses

16 07 2008

As far as I’m concerned, AC is The Legitimate Media and thus doesn’t have to reveal shit about where he gets anything.

16 07 2008

What Ron said. Damn straight.

16 07 2008

I agree.

17 07 2008

Me four.

17 07 2008

You just don’t reveal your sources and if you do, you don’t stay in journalism very long. Good for him.

17 07 2008

I have nothing to add but an “Amen” to all the above!

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