The Anatomy Of A Black Widow Spider Bite

15 07 2008

First of all, my dear readers who have sent me such kind emails, tweets and have asked me some great questions, let me take a moment to navel gaze and tell you of the Spider Bite tragedy. At least I think it’s a tragedy.

My vote is the only one that counts.

I didn’t see the spider but the bite isn’t as big as this picture that I found online. It’s on the top of my foot and looks more bruised than this one but remember we got to the doctor quick. He told me what I’d been bit by because I had no idea. I thought I might have bruised my foot or something. I’m not a medical professional. I did have a little experience with this before due to Killa who suffered much more than I have when she was bit last year. I think it is inadvertently because of her, seeing her go through hell last year, that made me get to the clinic pronto.

I just knew I was feeling weird and my foot swelled up like a golf ball and my leg started cramping about an hour in. And I felt weird. Thus far, I’ve only had abdominal and leg cramps. We caught this in time before it did any real damage although Day 2 has been much rougher than Day One.

So I went to the doc who told me “That’s nasty” and then gave me some scrips and promptly went home to get nauseous. Ahh, nausea how I adore thee. (The Summer of 2008 will go down in Newscoma’s life as the one where I burned out due to excessive overload. I’m going to be as gray as Phil Donahue by the Fall.)

The only thing I can tell you is my experience as I don’t know yours.

A.) I’m glad it wasn’t a brown recluse. Those bites rot your skin.

B.) It feels like someone has hammered a railroad stake into the bottom of my right leg where the point has settled in my hip.

C.) The cramps are from this suck. Truly a big old cup of suckage.

I wish to apologize to the Gods. I must have been a bad girl with Steve Austin, strep throat, my chief staff writer out this summer, the black widow bite, the canceled vacation and other various things.

The GOOD NEWS: As terrified as I am of spiders, I can say that this didn’t kill me and I didn’t completely freak out. Good does come out of bad things. And, to be honest, it could have been much worse.

NavelGazing Coma. That’s my middle name today.




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15 07 2008

It could have been much worse, Boss Lady. I think you would have felt worse if they had stuck you on the steroids like the doc did with me.

Keep your foot propped up and your butt in front of the television and it’ll start to feel better in a couple of days. Get Badger to draw you a “Get Well Soon” card with a spider on it, and you’ll feel right as rain.

I’m just wondering who it’s going to be next summer.

15 07 2008

I hope to be far away from Hooterville by next summer.
I’m just saying. My soul is being eaten from the inside out.

15 07 2008

No, that’s not your soul. That the spider poison traveling through your veins and rotting your tendons and muscles from the inside out.
Then again, it could be your soul.

15 07 2008

I wish I’d had a tape recorder with me yesterday morning to capture what Linda said before you went to the doctor. Remember? You said something like, “Get over here and look at this, Linda. You’re a mom,” and were sorta fishing for a motherly type of comment and Linda just took one quick look and said, “Yuck!” That’s classic.
Hope you’re starting to feel better now.

15 07 2008

ugh… you are living one of my worst fears (other than serial killers and alien abductions), but thanks for sharing what one of those bites looks like. I bruise so easily and I probably would have no idea what that was…

Perhaps you didn’t freak out b/c you didn’t see the spider. That would probably make all the difference for me.

And any chance one gets to sit on ones rear and rest is always a good thing, spider bite or no spider bite.

15 07 2008

OMG! I finally looked at the picture of the spider bite, and that’s exactly what it looked like. Same place, big red mark. Except by Day 5, it that entire area had started to fill up so it looked like I had third leg trying to grow out of my upper thigh.

I highly doubt yours will get that bad.

15 07 2008

So when do we get to see the foot rot, Coma? I want to incorporate oozing spider bites into my portfolio of zombie design ideas.

15 07 2008

good lord, girl.

16 07 2008

Just came by to see how you were. Sorry it sucks. I got lucky last year, & didn’t get bit. Scared the shit right out of me.

17 07 2008
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22 07 2008

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Dr. Tom Bibey

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