Susan Atkins To Remain In Prison

15 07 2008

Charles Manson and his followers still hold an odd fixation for me. So does Son of Sam.

It’s my age, I have no doubt but I’m thinking that one of the first books, after “In Cold Blood” by Truman Capote which was first, that I read as a very young and peculiar child was “Helter Skelter.” I begged my mom to read it. Being it was the 70s and people weren’t so nuts back then, she thought I was reading and as long as I was doing that, she had no problem giving me the book. She read it first though.

Susan Atkins, a terminally ill former Charles Manson follower, has been denied a compassionate release from prison, the California Board of Parole Hearings said Tuesday on its Web site.

Atkins, 60, has been diagnosed with brain cancer and has had a leg amputated, her attorney said. In June, she requested the release, available to terminally ill inmates with less than six months to live.

The board’s decision came after a public hearing on Atkins’ request. It means the request will not be forwarded to the Los Angeles Superior Court that sentenced Atkins.

The court would have had the final say on Atkins’ release.

Known within the Manson Family as Sadie Mae Glutz, Atkins and four others were convicted in connection with the deaths of five people, including the actress Sharon Tate, in August 1969.

If you were wondering, Atkins is the one that stabbed Sharon Tate in the stomach. She’s going to remain in jail.

UPDATE: To reply to some of the comments left, I’m not advocating for her to be released at ALL. I want her to spend her days in the slammer. I was relaying my fascination with the case as a child because it scared the bejesus out of me at that age.




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15 07 2008
Mike Miller

The vehement outpouring of ‘let her die in prison’ just confirms to me once again why I am an atheist. My guess is that most of the people that are so vocal are the same people that dutifully go to church every Sunday or at least profess faith in ‘God’ and the Bible. Of course they will draw upon the ‘an eye for an eye’ passage in the Bible to justify their respective positions but it all rings hollow and empty for me. Nothing can justify Susan Atkins actions many years ago, but ‘Christian charity’ seems to be a foreign concept amongst all of those condemning her to death in prison. What purpose does this serve? Revenge? I hope everyone fills good about forcing an elderly lady who is an amputee with terminal brain cancer to die in prison. Wow! What a great society!! Perhaps once in a while it might be better to take the high road. You can keep your ‘Christian beliefs’ and I’ll stick to a much more simple test of ‘What is the ‘right’ thing to do?’ I personally would sleep much better at night with Susan Atkins allowed to die with her family around her versus in a prison hospital. But then again, I’m a heathen, will probably rot in hell anyway, and am obviously unqualified to make such moral judgements. I hope you all relish in her death. Amen!

15 07 2008

As much as I hate to admit it, there is a limit to my humanity. Susan Atkins is not human. Had I a choice between saving her life and that of a snail, the snail would be the lucky one.

She is not worth the flesh that surrounds her sub-human, carbon based form.
This is one reason I’m anti-Death Penalty, she has gotten what she deserves. Rotting slowly in a cage, and I am enjoying the fact that the last thing she sees will be those cold, Navajo White walls.

Maybe they’ll take the other leg before she expires.

15 07 2008
Kathy T.

I’m with captainkona on this one. When I read how Atkins plunged the meat fork through Sharon Tates’ stomach and into the fetus and how she then kept pushing on it, mesmerized, as it swayed back and forth, well… I think she needs to stay in prison.

15 07 2008
Karen Wheeler

I do not have enough humanity in me to want her out of prison either. What she did was horrendous. I am so glad they are not releasing her.

15 07 2008

How can you possibly think an ailing bitch from HELL deserves to get a break?
She KILLED sharon tate think about it she killed her
too bad she has cancer
maybe she would suffer longer in jail.
Where is the justice?
She has said she was a part fo the murders
Let her be
drop the media story and let her die
if gas can’t get her maybe cancer can!!!!

16 07 2008

I do as well. For the people who don’t know me and left the comments, I don’t think she should get a break at all. And I didn’t say that in the post. I think she should remain there.
But it’s news. I was reporting the news.
As for Captain Kona and Kathy T. who are my buddies, I think they all need to stay in prison. I was fascinated as a child about how cruel and horrible the folks on the farm where this people had no compassion whatsoever.
I think they all need to remain locked up.

16 07 2008

Memo to Susan A.

“Listen Bitch, I have no sympathy for you. You are going to die so you better get used to it” (unquote)

Question to Susan A.

Does that sound familiar to you?
———————— –
Summary; At least 37 years in prison prevented her from popping out a kid, thereby avoiding the birth of another piece of moronic vermin, created in her own scumbucket, deadbeat, loser likeness.

16 07 2008

I was just wondering, as her compassionate release was denied, but I read that she is in the hospital, and some officials supported her release to save on medical bills, is she allowed visitors in her hospital room? I hate to sound cruel, but I don’t think she deserves to be surrounded by her family. She is supposed to spend the rest of her life in prison. And I think that’s an easy way to get off. Poor Sharon Tate was brutally murdered and had no chance. (And I don’t believe in all the Manson family brainwash crap, and if she is a born-again Christian, she should be ready to meet her maker from a prison cell, not her home).
Any thoughts on the visitor policy?

16 07 2008

I think the bitch should rot there, and I hope it can be a painful death…. Rot Susan, ROT!

16 07 2008

Mike Miller, what difference does a person’s religious beliefs make in this? You assert you are an athiest, how nice for you. What’s right is right, regardless of religious beliefs, unless you were aiming this at the “born again” Atkins. Atkins is a monster who murdered perfect strangers in their own homes for the sheer pleasure of it. Now the hag wants mercy. What did she say to the pregnant Sharon Tate? “I have no mercy for you, you’re going to die and you’d better be ready.” Karma’s a bite, but it does roll around, now Atkins should shut up and die in prison as she deserves. Just because the evil old monster got old does not lesson what she did. If you care so much for her, why don’t you join her in jail? You can hold her hand as she dies.

16 07 2008

Here, of course, is the irony: If she were released, her family, and NOT the state of California, would have to pay her medical bills for the short time she has left. Now that everyone believes she should finish out her life in the slammer, I suppose they would be willing to help the state of California pony up for her treatments.

I’m not sayin’ either way, but…..

16 07 2008
Ace Graham

Another note for the atheist, Mike Miller. Most people on this planet do not care for atheist beliefs, nor do we care for yours with regards to the devil’s child, Susan Atkins. It’s quite obvious you were not raised well enough to know that good outweighs evil, and that there are positive influences that do exist for us all. Not sure where you get your influences from…maybe yours should be the Manson family??? Truth is, it’s a shame Susan Atkins is even still alive. The more she deteriorates in prison, the more God is doing his part. If you learned how to use your sympathetic views for a more worthy purpose, maybe just maybe you could be a positive influence to others….not likely though. GROW UP!!!

16 07 2008

Regarding Mr Miller’s take on this whole subject, I don’t see in Newscoma’s original post anything regarding religion or how that plays out in whether Atkins is released or not.

Whether one subscribes to a religious belief or not, the fact remains that we alone are responsible for our own actions. As a Christian, I am torn on whether the death penalty is the right thing – one side of me thinks “well, some people need killing” while the other contends that death is the easy way out and true punishment is served with a convicted person living out their days to ponder the gravity of the actions they took.

Like other people posting here stated, Atkins exhibited zero mercy for Sharon Tate and her unborn child. Yes, an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. But the fact remains that Atkins will receive far better health-care in prison that many law abiding Americans as the penal system has to keep her alive. There’s something seriously wrong with that.

Just because one gets old and feeble doesn’t lessen the gravity of the heinous acts committed.

16 07 2008

And irony, of course, is lost on the self-righteous….

16 07 2008

If she’s born again, then that’s good. But that’s between her and her Maker. However, in the temporal world, her debt to California and the Tate family is not yet paid, and it was the families of the victims who pleaded she should remain in jail, from what I’ve read.

Now, on this whole healthcare thing. It really doesn’t apply, because she can either get government medical care inside the prison, or she can be an indigent receiving government medical care outside of prison via welfare.

You think her family is going to pay for it? The state can’t compel you to do so, you know?

16 07 2008

… and the Obama camp concerning magazine covers, but I digress.

16 07 2008
Bobblehead George

My sister gave me “Helter Skelter” as a Christmas present when I was 12. I was scared of my own shadow for the next decade. Thanks, Sis!

16 07 2008

Good Ol’ Suzy should get the shame chance to enjoy the last minutes of her life that she gave Sharon Tate. I.E., none.

16 07 2008

ooooh, ‘Coma, I’m with you on this one. Helter Skelter remains to this day one of two books I have read and reread and reread (the other being The Stand). I remember looking at the pictures and knowing what complete evil looked like.

As for Charlie and the bunch, I’d feel better if they all just stayed put.


16 07 2008

Try not to be too hard on Mike, guys. His post perhaps was directed at me specifically. I am A Christian, and when I said that my humanity had limits, I said in lament, not pride.

Mike, kindly remember that the first thing one has to do in order to be able to claim Jesus and not be a hypocrite is to realize that one is hopelessly fucked up.
I’m sorry you don’t care for Jesus, all I ask is that you don’t blame Him for what I may be.

18 07 2008

I think people forget is that she has been given a free ride for the last 40 years. No bills, no reponsibility , someone cooks for her 3 times a day and she has been given the opportunity to earn an education and a degree. Yeah tought life…..

18 07 2008

Summary; At least 37 years in prison prevented her from popping out a kid, thereby avoiding the birth of another piece of moronic vermin, created in her own scumbucket, deadbeat, loser likeness.

Uh, if my memory serves correctly (which it may not, because I did two papers on the Manson case while in school and that has been quite some time ago) – I believe Susan Atkins was the birth mother of at least one of the communal Manson family children, if not more than one, but I’m pretty sure there was at least one.

I would assume the child probably went to Family Services and was adopted out.

And for all anyone knows may be a responsible and productive member of society, so any assumptions otherwise are at the very least quite unkind.


18 07 2008

YOu know this IMO is nothing short of pure revenge. Susan did almost 40 years in prison. NONE of us know what her life consisted of. We do not have the right to judge her. I feel that this decision was not made for any other reason than revenge. So what happened 40 years ago. She spent her life in prison. I am sure that she is more at peace that a lot of people on this board within herself and that is all that really matters. I am so anti-death penality and I do know that people change over time. I also know what drugs and alcohol can do to people. I guess I am just the type of person that forgives a lot easier than most people. All of the people that have anger and rage IMO can just stay in thier miserable bodies. It is THEM that are un-happy. How can ANYONE be happy to see another suffer. Or at least they think. HA! I don’t think that she is in that much of a suffereing state. People need to wake up and realize that no-one is persfect and never will be. She is not a threat. Sad sad sad…. I feel sorry for the people that have built up hate in them…. It is really really wrong……

18 07 2008


Her family did nothing wrong. Why deny them? Are you that miserable? Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh!

27 07 2008

Wow! Mike Miller….there is a lot of hate in your heart. Christian or not!

Susan Adkins, brutually MURDERED nine people and they believe more. SHE IS A MASS MURDER. Not one person, but SEVERAL. Do people change in prison, some but I believe few. She suddenly found Christ….GOOD FOR HER! She can settle up with God after her death. That does NOT mean she should be released. She committed crimes that were so brutel, so whacked out that I do NOT believe someone with such a small hold on humanity would ever suddenly care about humanity. She is NOT an elderly women (personal opinion elderly for me is past 75), she is 59 (or 60 not sure when her birthday is), but she lived much longer than any of the people whom she murdered. AND even in prison she had a life! Her victims did not. She walked the path she walked in life and now she has to live with the results. Dying in prison is that result.

27 07 2008

Dears, I didn’t say that.
I wish people would read.
The blogosphere makes me nuts.

31 07 2008

I think that Susan Atkins deserves nothing…….COMPASSIONATE RELEASE?
Where was Voytek’s, Gary Hinman’s, Jay Sebring’s, Abigail Folger’s, Baby Paul Richard Tate, Steve Parent’s, Compassion?

Enough Said….
This has nothing to do with religion folks..this is justice.
I think this little witch who by the way I saw ten years after the Tate-Labianca murders in an intervew..stated outright…with NO emotion that long after the murders..I felt nothing for the life of Sharon Tate and her baby….nothing at all…with no emotion..

So religious or not…she is a sinister little witch and deserves NO one’s sympathy.
Maybe if she actually REGRETTED her actions -then she may deserve some sort of empathy for her current situation.

Waste of human flesh….good riddance to her and Tex Watson ..he is the worst one who played a part in EVERYONE’s deaths.
The whole lot of them are whack jobs…
Hey —a lot of people smoked pot and took LSD back then, but they weren’t using that as an excuse to butcher human beings….

10 08 2008

susan’s son was named Zezozece Zadfrack glutz named by manson who delivered him but the father’s name is bruce white
i’m not a christian nor am i an atheist but i do believe poor little pyscho sue is a so called christian by convenience and not a true christian by true belief i think she’s a waste of oxygen and deserves what she gets but i truly do not believe she deserved or was allowed to get married in prison not once but two times and allowed congical visits allowing her the chance to get knocked up again but thank goodness i don’t believe she ever had any more children so there!

10 08 2008

oh and his adoptive parents changed that hideous name he now goes by paul

11 08 2008

Hey, it was 40 years ago! She paid her dues! I’d bet that even Roman Polanski would approve her release and allow her to have at least a semblance of a dignified death. Ghandi said “an eye for an eye would make everyone blind.”

12 08 2008

She’s not in jail now. She’s been in a hospital since March. In fact there is some debate that she is receiving better health care than most uninsured working people! So I’m not getting how this letter her die a prisoner argument is uncompassionate.

29 08 2008
Marietta Skala

To all you hate mongers out there (except Mr. Miller), yes what she did was
inconprehesible, but it was forty years ago, she was a kid and one of many’

29 08 2008
Marietta Skala


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