All-Star Game Ramblings

15 07 2008

1. Talking about your stupid spider bite.

2. Looking at Cheetos with a loving eye.

3. Talking exuberantly about Shark Week.

4. Wondering why Karl Rove gets away with all he does because I’m afraid if he doesn’t testify, he’s setting a terrible precedent. Not to be confused with a terrible president. We have that already.

5. Waiting patiently for another episode of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.

6. CSI is apparently messing with the FBI’s mojo.

7. Yes, I’m going to watch Big Brother tonight and then I’ll decide if I should claw my very own eyes out with a spoon.

8. Go to Pop Fi. Yeah, you just should.

9. I like Rollie Finger’s mustache.

10. Watching the All-Star game with Squirrel Queen is a great deal of fun.

In honor of the All Star game, Eddie Murray in a 12-year-old Fila commercial that I used to like.




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