Green Day’s Holiday

12 07 2008

I’ve had this kind of holiday for awhile. I need a beach.




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12 07 2008

Great tune from a great album. (cd, mp3, whatever!)

I keep rearranging the lyrics from another song on that cd to “Wake me up, when elections ends,” instead of “September ends.”

Do you know the back story on “American Idiot?” It was an accident. (though I believe there are no accidents)

The album they cut for release was stolen, and they came up with “American Idiot” afterwards because they had to release a new album.

So here’s a classic, wonderful example of how something really terrible turned out to cause something really great to happen.

12 07 2008

I’ve heard this album countless time, but only now after seeing the video have I made the connection between “American Idiot” and Pink Floyd’s movie “The Wall”.

13 07 2008
Kathy T.

I got to see Green Day with my daughter in N’ville. They were amazing. Her friends are shocked that I know they lyrics enough to sing-along.

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