Toilet Paper Art

10 07 2008

From Artintimity:

Artintimity is a collaborative, artistic and original photoblog concept where people from all horizons express what they are thinking about…while sitting alone in a toilet.

Why in a toilet ?

Because it is one of the few places in the world where people are unproductive and really alone with themselves !

They have a point. It’s a time when we are truly alone. Except I haven’t been for eight years due to a small and needy Rat Terrier/Corgi named Mabel.

H/T Neatorama




3 responses

10 07 2008

Some of the buildings on my undergrad campus put sheets of paper up in the bathroom stalls – they figured people would write and draw anyway, might as well put up paper. Those were awesome, and more places should have them. 🙂

10 07 2008

Rachel, that was a great idea. I do appreciate some reading material while I’m incapacitated temporarily. The more clever and random, the better.

11 07 2008

This is such a great site. Showering is also great for getting over writer’s block, but it’s more difficult to write things down or do a quick sketch.

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