Reliving My Sad And Awkward Youth

10 07 2008

Damn, Bitter Betty reminds me that 33 years ago this summer I was staying in Las Vegas and my dad took the family to see Jaws before he and my mom went to the casinos. (Heh. It’s true. It was a different world.) But we had a good time. No, we did.

Shark week is coming. We’ll get to that later.

Anyway, go read her post right now, do not pass go.

Here’s a sneak peek.

And let me just say, hooray for creativity and tapping into the crazy Swiss cheese labyrinth of rug rat minds but what in the fuck were Sid & Marty smoking? Their offices must have been thick as a New England fog with bong smoke at all times. There’s no way else to explain how they came up with that kind of weirdness over and over again. Thank goodness we were only hopped up on Cap’n Crunch while watching or my dreams would have been plagued with giant puppets and talking monkeys all trying to eat my head.

Go on.




5 responses

10 07 2008

omg, a sid and marty croft trip…. no thanks!

10 07 2008

Ahh, I think we had LSD in our grits from our hippie parents. Big Daddy doesn’t remember those hippie days, but I do.

10 07 2008

Once I start singing “I am a mechanical boy” that song is stuck in my head for weeks. I get scared and the tears start to flow.

10 07 2008
jane q. public

I’m pretty sure Sigmund is Old Gregg’s older brother.

11 07 2008

I often still answer the phone, “Shello?”

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