10 07 2008

If you are wondering, which I’m sure you were, I think I have a low-burning ADD. My oldest niece has this as well. She turns 12 next week and I’m afraid she’s turning out a bit like me much to sister Homer’s dismay.

Oh, and she’s cuter.

She’s fallen in love with Tim Burton films. Now this makes me as happy as a clam. I’m sure we will have her into Akira Kurosawa films before long. And she loves horror movies. I got a keeper, campers.

Her friends think it’s odd, her love of pop culture, because I’ve gone through this too.

As a kid, about twice a month we’d head to Jackson and I’d get a couple of books usually about ufos and Bigfoot or the latest horror novel. I was obsessed. Thank goodness for a tolerant pseudo-hippie/70s disco mom.

As I got older, I like Star Trek, Buffy, anything Whedonverse, jazz music and the list goes on.

Asa is like me in a lot of ways. First it was The Nanny (I know, she was 5 and God knows, we wanted to kill ourselves every time we heard Fran Dresher’s voice), then it was Wicked. For two years we did Wicked a thousand times and now it’s Tim Burton.

She’s getting better in picking the cool.

She also reads politics and asked me recently why Jesse Helms didn’t like people. I did not prompt her with this remark. She also asks if her generation is going to have to pay for the last 8 years. I, once again, did not prompt her.

Good girl.

Glad I could be of help.

Oh, and Homer, sorry.




5 responses

10 07 2008
chez beziat

Kids are this cool? That’s great to know.

10 07 2008

I’d really love to hate Fran Dresher, but anyone awesome enough to have been in UHF gets perpetual forgiveness on everything else.

10 07 2008

Actually, she was great in Spinal Tap. It was a good start. And I do think she’s fun.
***hides and ducks***

10 07 2008

I’ll use the Spinal Tap role as my reason to forgive anything after. And she has had some tough times in her personal life.

11 07 2008

Ha, I didn’t even remember her being in Spinal Tap, it’s been so long since I’ve seen it. OK that’s definitely another point in her favor.

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