I Want Immunity Too

10 07 2008

So, I want immunity too. If corporations don’t have to be responsible for their behavior then I don’t want to either.

First of all, if I have immunity, then I won’t ever be a “targeted American.” I don’t want to be a “targeted American.” I think that would suck. My bank account would not be frozen. There wouldn’t be “reverse targeting” on my humble, exciting life in Hooterville.

The FISA situation is not a left or right issue. This just gives Washington more control and it’s about control and money. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, all of those Presidential Executive Directives that George Bush signed, who’s going to give them up? No one. No one wants to do that.

The lead story on the news this morning was Jesse Jackson saying ugly things about Barack Obama. People say, and do, ugly things all the time. People talk behind other people’s back. If you are in Jesse Jackson’s role as someone who has a mic in front of your face all the time, he should have remembered that the mic is always hot. First rule when I was in radio. The mic is always on.

In my opinion, this is a diversion or mainstream media is out of the loop.

Jesse said the word “nuts.” So we are talking about Jesse Jackson saying something douchehattery, MSM lets Bill O’Reilly set the stage for today’s news cycle but what we should be talking about is FISA (that pesky constitution being messed with) or what the hell is happening behind the scenes in relation to Iran setting off missiles.

After Iraq, I’m not so trusting with the MSM newsfolks when it comes to this stuff.

Yeah, I want immunity.

Where is Edward R. Murrow when you need him? He would be all over these things without any of the static.

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5 responses

10 07 2008

Sweet! Immunity for everyone! I need it to provide national security. I promise!

10 07 2008
jim voorhies

i’m not worried about my personal immunity. the statute of limitations has run out on most of my crimes. it’s the only advantage to being old i’ve found, but it is one. i am, however pissed at O for this.

10 07 2008

I want to get government bailouts… thats my thing… if the government is going to bailout Fannie Mae and Freddice Mac with my tax dollars then I should be bailed out as well.

I’m broke.. and I need money… and my financial collapse will cause a depression in this country. So please bail me out…

10 07 2008

Iran is loving how Americans are eating up their failed rockets. They want us to think they’re a weak threat and incapable of harming our interests. They purposely are getting Americans to call their “bluff” — Every news anchor smiled when they reported how some of Iran’s rockets failed. Ahmadenejad scored big today. He’s getting Americans to laugh at the situation and not consider Iran to be a threat. He’s convincing Americans that there is no need for war. No need for the Israeli’s to be scared. No need to attempt to stop their nuclear aspirations. Its purely strategic media on the Iranian’s part and us Americans are too caught up in our deteriorating economy (Where Iran is mostly to blame) that we need to find something to laugh at for comic relief- and whats better to have us laugh at our enemy- keeps them out of the picture for air strikes and keeps Americans disillusioned on the intensity of the Iranian threat. I’m not laughing. Iran has not fooled me.

11 07 2008

“Americans disillusioned on the intensity of the Iranian threat. I’m not laughing. Iran has not fooled me.”

We ain’t disillusioned or fooled at all… if you think a gunboat armed with machine guns is a match for even one 1.5 billion dollar Aegis cruiser… then your already duped. The current admin has you exactly where it wants you.

If you think a few missiles is really a threat to Israel… then you are quite possibly experiencing an ID10T error.

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