On Being 40

9 07 2008

Okay boys, go here and look at this while I talk with the women.

You gone? Don’t want to freak you out.

As you guys who have read me for awhile, the Ednaectomy is about to celebrate it’s second year. And although Daisy Fae is talking about her girl stuff, I get where she’s coming from.

As a woman in her mid-forties, ineligible for hormone therapy once menopause strikes*, i’m acutely aware of my aging ovaries.  They are my friends.  i try to take good care of them.  Although the eggs nestled within are dwindling in number, and are desiccating and shriveling on a daily basis, the hormones they send surging through my body represent the receding tide of my sexuality…

In other, far less poetic, words: i’m terrified of drying up like so much fem-dust.

Now for those of you who aren’t in your forties, you might not get the whole fem-dust thing, but there is this thang. That thang is that as we get older, there is some odd things going on that can only be compared to being 12 again but not having the stamina to do what I used to do.

The good stuff is my sense of humor is usually in tact. The bad stuff is I get tired, cranky and I have started picking up sticks out of the yard because I might just have to bop someone on the head.

But, you know, the good stuff outweighs the downtimes where you feel like some thing, some larger invisible entity, is throwing monkey poo at you.  The good does outweigh the bad.

It’s a shot in the dark sometimes, but the world isn’t bad. Oh yeah, I get frustrated. I know more than I did even 15 years ago but I’m still learning.

I’ve learned I bend but I do not break.

And being 40ish is pretty much fabulous.

It really is.




5 responses

9 07 2008

YOU are fabulous. I can only hope to be so cool when I hit that decade.

10 07 2008

is. that. Bigfoot?

[bows down] i’m not worthy to pluck the yeti-hair from your sandals….

yeah, the good stuff (including Bigfoot sightings) clearly outweighs the bad stuff about getting older…. mostly…

10 07 2008

I’ll be 40 in five months. I’m kind of excited about it for some reason.

That will probably change when I’m 40 + one day.

10 07 2008

Hey old lady, get your paws off Bigfoot.

10 07 2008

I’m doing the sexy 40-year-old big butt dance. And Bigfoot is my boyfriend.

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