G8 Summit And The Food Crisis

9 07 2008

I read this yesterday and found I was speechless although Killa could tell you that I bitched about it at the office for about fifteen minutes. (Well, I guess I wasn’t speechless at all.) Then I read it again and I just sighed. If this doesn’t tell you how out of touch the world’s leaders are, then nothing will.

Just two days ago, Gordon Brown was urging us all to stop wasting food and combat rising prices and a global shortage of provisions.

But yesterday the Prime Minister and other world leaders sat down to an 18-course gastronomic extravaganza at a G8 summit in Japan, which is focusing on the food crisis.

The dinner, and a six-course lunch, at the summit of leading industrialised nations on the island of Hokkaido, included delicacies such as caviar, milkfed lamb, sea urchin and tuna, with champagne and wines flown in from Europe and the U.S.

Just another case of do what I say, not as I do.

Here’s the menu.

Click to embiggen

Click to embiggen




2 responses

9 07 2008
Rob Robinson

That is a definite head-scratcher. It’s atrocious that they wouldn’t scale back the menu.

9 07 2008
jim voorhies

they’re world leaders – they’re not blue-collar working stiffs. if they led by example then they wouldn’t look as impressive. just try adding a little mayonnaise foam to your big mac next time and see how more impressive people think you are. 🙂

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