Max Mosely Finds Nazis ‘Unerotic’

8 07 2008

Oh, Sharon Cobb sent me this and it’s too good not to post.

MOTOR racing boss Max Mosley yesterday admitted to a court he was hooked on kinky sex – but insisted Nazis were a turn-off.

Mosley, 68, who is suing over loss of privacy after he was filmed in an orgy with hookers, told how he was interested in S&M from a young age.

He said he got a “thrill” out of being spanked by scantily clad prostitutes and beating them, insisting it was “a perfectly harmless activity”.

Formula 1 boss Mosley – son of the British Fascist leader Sir Oswald – said he could think of few things as “unerotic” to him as Nazis.

He also said Jean, his wife of 48 years, knew nothing of his fetish.

Now don’t go thinking that’s the whole story. There’s much more.

Let’s think about this. Mosley is 68. He says he’s a bit deaf (as yours truly is temporarily.) There is an audio recording. I cannot even begin to get into the whole “Nazis aren’t sexy but being sadomasochistic is just plum groovy fun.”

As you know, I’m still reeling from the loss of Weekly World News not hiring me.

I wonder if The Sun would hire me. I could do some smash up work on Bigfoot, Zombies and The Labour Party. They need more of that and I’m their girl.

I’m still trying to figure this out.




2 responses

8 07 2008

I think you’d make an excellent correspondent for them!
The Elvis stories alone would fill many pages.

I say write them and ask to be a contributor!!! But demand more bigfoot stories, and maybe throw in some Nessie stories, like how Nessie hooked up with Bigfoot in the Tennessee River.

You knew about that, didn’t you?

8 07 2008

i usta know a guy who wrote for the bigfoot tabs. and if they’re all like him, you no wanna know. scummy.

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