Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals And My Shame

7 07 2008

As a Cardinals fan, where we are supposed to hate the Chicago Cubs, I’m conflicted.

Well, I do, but I still kinda dig them.

I feel your pain. Heartbreaktown.

Baseball fans will crucify me.

But, I like the goat.

Yeah, the goat.

Yeah, the goat.

And Squirrel Queen is going to kill me.




9 responses

7 07 2008

Cubs = bad. No matter what sort of ungulate-related spin is put on it.

Go Cards! 🙂

7 07 2008

I am all about my Cards. I realizing thinking the goat is kinda cool will send me to hell.
Thanks for coming by. 🙂
Yeah, but I do miss Edmonds.
I have the action doll. Someone did give it to me.
I bow my head in shame.

7 07 2008

If Kerry hadn’t blown that save, we’d have swept them. Damn.

7 07 2008

I’ve never really paid attention to baseball before, but I guess I have to become a Cards fan since I’m moving to St. Louis. The Cards are the only St. Louis team I can support, because as a Titans and a Predators fan I will NEVER root for the Rams or the Blosers.

8 07 2008

Goldnl, Cards fans are fun. I think you will enjoy the insanity of Cardinal baseball.

8 07 2008

Coma, I must have a stern word with you about this Cubs passing fancy. Yes, I know your boyfriend Lil Jimmy Edmonds is now wearing a baby bear on his chest, but please stop the insanity. Drop it and take note of the new golden boy roaming center field in Busch and smacking clutch hits in between diving saves. Rick Ankiel is the real deal and he’s got such a great back story what with his mental meltdown as a pitcher. And, oh yeah, there’s Prince Albert too. Long live the goat.

8 07 2008

It is Lil’ Jimmy, isn’t it?
Damn him. DAMN HIM!
Heh. 🙂

8 07 2008

It’s weird, as well, over here on the right side of the equation, seeing Jim in a blue uniform.

There is a small part of me that is dubious still of the idea of Mr. Edmonds playing in Chicago, even after all these weeks…

I mean, it’s not like he’s going to some how betray us…..right?…..

8 07 2008

No. It’s a money thing.
Oh Tommy, he’s yours.
But he’s getting old.
Thank you to the Gods of the Cards.
That, of course, means nothing.

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