I Chilled For A Few Days

5 07 2008

I unplugged.

I know, so odd but I was in a place that didn’t have wireless and healed from the strep throat even though I’m still having trouble hearing. It’s better though and that is of the good.

You know how unplugged I was? I will tell you. Homer had to tell me at Big Daddy’s yesterday that Jesse Helms had died.

We mourned Bozo though although when we were kids, Bozo wigged out a smaller and suspicious Homer who thought clowns were evil. Of course they are but Bozo seemed okay. The funny thing is, our uncle would buy her clown stuff all the time. Clown pictures, clowns in general, clown dolls. It surprising that she hasn’t gone mental from the clown crazies.

Yeah, when I drop out of the human race, I drop out.

Back to our regularly scheduled blawging.



7 responses

5 07 2008
chez beziat

Welcome back. Dropping out does feel pretty good from time to time.

5 07 2008

It’s much-needed sometimes, and I’m glad you let yourself. However, YOU are much-needed around these parts, so I’m glad you came back :).

5 07 2008

I guess we can forgive you THIS time!

(hee. I’m glad you’re feeling better.)

5 07 2008

I’ve taken a break, myself. I keep catching myself sitting at the computer and beginning to head to my login page for my former job.

5 07 2008

I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I was sadder to hear about Bozo’s passing than I was about Jesse Helms’.

5 07 2008

Unplugging is of the good. But I was gettin’ worried ’boutcha. I just about called you yesterday to make sure all was well.:)

5 07 2008

Goldnl, me too.

Thanks for the kind words guys. Just needed a few days to think some things through.

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