Winston Rand … He Was A Pretty Good Guy

30 06 2008

Winston was from northwest Tennessee and contacted me about a year ago. We had a few emails back and forth and I met him once at Mothership Barbecue. He was always lovely and so encouraging.

And the man could write circles around you.

Winston, from the blog Nobody Asked, died this weekend according to a post written by the Roomie.

Winston passed away Saturday, June 28, after a 38-hour illness and 3 surgeries totaling 12 hours in an attempt to save his life. His memorial service will be Tuesday, July 1, and will include things you may have seen on his blog, such as his recent post about the styrofoam cup that got tossed about in the traffic of life and found its resting place. His favorite song will be played — “The Rainbow Connection,” by Kermit the Frog, as well as a bluegrass version of Rocky Top.

Just last week, I linked to a wonderful post that he wrote about Jimmy Buffet. I have to say that Winston was always kind, smart and clever.

He will be missed and our thoughts and prayers go to Roomie.

He, indeed, was an excellent guy.

Godspeed, Winston.




5 responses

30 06 2008
Mr. Mack

I guess its just me…but i thought it was a joke. Apparently not. I liked his writing as well….but what the hell kind of 38 hour illness kills you? Can you have several surgeries in that time span? Had he been ill prior to that?

30 06 2008

Not that I know of, Mack. I don’t know what happened to him. He was nice when I met him last summer and we had corresponded some.
He was, indeed, a really good guy.

30 06 2008

Aw, I’m so sorry hon. I didn’t know him like many of you did or read him all that often, but anytime I did it was always a pleasure. I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend. *hug*

As for what Mack mentioned… my friend whose wife was a Cartoon Network exec, in her thirties, and was perfectly & extremely healthy, ran, kept fit, all those things – last December, she felt a little sick on a Wednesday; woke up very ill on Friday and went to the ER that afternoon, was immediately hospitalized and was dead by 9:00 Saturday morning. I don’t know, but would assume there were probably a couple of emergency surgical procedures in between trying to save her life. So, it happens – in her case it was an extremely rare form of strep infection that attacked her kidneys.

Not to be confused with ‘Coma strep, of course. 😉 (Get well soon!)

5 07 2008
Kay Dennison

I discovered Winston’s blog when I was a newbie blogger 4 years ago. I loved his writing and sense of humor immediately and eventually got to know him as we became friends from commenting and emailing now and again. He will be missed greatly.

6 07 2008
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