Sick Puppy

29 06 2008

I’m reading a Carl Hiaasen book that came out several years ago called “Sick Puppy.”

I’ve read some of this other stuff and occasionally, when I want a fun, snarky read, I’ll pick up one of his books and go to town. I liked “Native Tongue” quite a bit as well.

If you have ever read a Hiaasen book, you know the politicians are corrupt, the protagonists are extremely flawed (or a little bit crazy) and the politicians are corrupt. Usually, Hiaasen’s novels are about dirty developers who could give two flips about the environment. (In this particular book, there is a hooker that will only do “business” with Republicans which I thought was pretty funny.)

Hiaasen has no sympathy for politicians and apparently thinks lobbyists are the dog poo on the bottom of America’s collective shoes. I bring that up because he’s hard on both the left and the right. He writes, in most of the books I’ve read, that when politicians get to any state capital or to Washington, they relinquish their party lines and become more of an overall blob that dams up government for nefarious and mostly selfish means. They ultimately become part of a parasitic and egotistical pool of greed. And that the lobbyists are the ones that rule much of the country, using elected folks as puppets. Politicians are thin-skinned and clueless about what’s going on in the districts they were elected to.

With the recent antics I’ve seen coming from our government recently, I can’t help but think that Hiaasen’s book is more on target than the biting satire it is written as.

Because, my friends, I don’t think our government has a clue what’s going on because they are so immersed in the life of living in either Nashville or Washington.

Yeah, I’m not feeling the love for any of them today.




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30 06 2008

I just finished it myself and loved it.

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