Doctor Who – The Stolen Earth

29 06 2008

Having watched Turn Left and now the second part of the penultimate episode called The Stolen Earth from Doctor Who, I can only say wow. We have one more week to go when we get to see the finale with Journey’s End.

Courtesy of The BBC

If you haven’t seen it, I’ll put it behind the wall, but I have to say, if this is Russell T. Davies swan song, he’s going out with a bang.

Spoilers behind the jump.

I won’t get into the semantics of the episode because I realize that not a lot of people have seen it, but I’m sure you heard the companions are all back in this episode. Sarah Jane, Martha Jones, Captain Jack and Rose, although she is the biggest surprise for the Doctor although we’ve been watching her pop up from time to time all season. From last week’s episode called Turn Left, we know that some major things are fixing (my Southernisms are coming out here) with Donna, who has been a fabulous companion. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, it’s nice to see that she has no romantic interest in the Doctor, which continues with the canon of Rose being one of the loves of Doctor Who’s long and lonely life. Donna is a companion who has grown during her travel with Doctor Who, and she’s just better than good. If Turn Left was any indication of Catherine Tate’s dramatic chops, she earns all kudos for being a fine actress. And there was some funky foreshadowing from a member of The Shadow Proclamation. I fear that Donna won’t be on the show much longer.

The companions return was fun for Doctor Who junkies, but some of it, I’m sad to say, seemed a bit forced. I feel though that the payoff will be pretty good in Journey’s End. I have heard that Tennant has signed on for two more series, but the end of Stolen Earth will break your heart and if he does regenerate into someone else after becoming injured, it will be one of the best smoke screens ever for the entire 40+ years of Doctor Who. If he is coming back, then it was an amazing cliffhanger nonetheless. I will say that they focused just a little too long in the opening sequence on his hand he lost that Captain Jack kept for all those years which might make a difference.

One never know though, do they?

It’s melodrama at it’s best.There is also a theme that comes from Russell T. Davies of how mass communication fascinates him and how it has been intertwined into many of the Doctor Who episodes he has written. He seems to utilize that theme quite often.
The most fabulous part of the episode, for me at least, was Penelope Wilton returning as former prime minister Harriet Jones, who although she had been denounced by the good Doctor, turns out to be a hero when push came to shove. And it does come to shove.

The earth is whisked away by those lethal and pesky Dialeks, led by former supervillan Davros, who are on the “Exterminate” trail again freaking out the world and being quite nasty.

Shout outs to good acting goes to Bernard Cribbins, who plays Donna’s grandfather, and is just absolutely wonderful and it was nice to see Michael Brandon in a cameo.

Next week will be the last regular episode until 2010 although there will be a couple of specials.

And, if you want to know why I adore Doctor Who, go here.




13 responses

29 06 2008

who is the 11th doctor???????????
the doctor regenarated in the stolen earth…………………

29 06 2008

That was my first question to my husband after he told me about the episode (he watches on-line and summarizes, I’ll eventually watch when we get them on DVD) — “what about the hand? Doesn’t the Doctor incompletely regenerate from time to time?”

So, is Donna another TimeLord? She was hearing drums…

29 06 2008

I hadn’t thought of that. Could be. The hand was lingered on lovingly by the camera so I’m wondering.

29 06 2008

what about Jenny?

30 06 2008

i cant wait to see the next one and cant belive he regenerates

30 06 2008

i think its still david t

30 06 2008

who plays the doc

30 06 2008

Great to see Rose Tyler one more time !

30 06 2008
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30 06 2008

did anyone notice the shadow proclomation chick say that donna had something on her back, i think she has got one of those time altering dung beetle things again so that if worst comes to worse she can be sent back to undo what ever goes horribly wrong, i.e. stepping infront of the dalek laser to save tennant, especially since he is photo’d filming the xmas special

1 07 2008
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2 07 2008

that is not true. timelords will never return in doctor who donna will die by the end iof the episode and the doctor will definately never get a new tardis. think about it logically if he got a new tardis the chamelion circuit would work again and the doctor who producers would never remove the police box form of the tardis that would just be going to far to change the show. can you even imagine doctor who without a police box. its never going to happen.

1 08 2008
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