The Price of Food Is Up From 2007

28 06 2008

Don’t believe me, well look at this.

There are several more charts over at the The Cattle Network.

This isn’t good news, campers. Not good news at all.

H/T Neatorama




6 responses

28 06 2008
theodoric of athens

remember when fed chairman was considered a nonpolitical appt?

28 06 2008
Jeffraham Prestonian

Good thang food is not part of the CPI.

28 06 2008
joe lance

Seriously: lentils? Couldn’t they leave just one staple unaffected?

28 06 2008

Long post made short: Fuck a bunch of bio-fuel.

Addendum: Fuck a bunch of flooding, too.

28 06 2008

This is a clear sign that we are entering a period of hyperinflation. Your money is growing more worthless by the minute.

29 06 2008
Politicians Need To Pay Attention « Newscoma

[…] in this country. Flooding, higher gas costs with no way for some citizens to pay the increases, higher food costs, and hell, the North pole ice caps are melting (Tim Chavez has more on this) not to mention that the […]

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