Johnny Horton Video From 1959

28 06 2008

This a hot mess of campy goodness. You have Johnny Horton in an all white buckskin jacket with matching white coonskin hat. You have English soldiers dancing.

I cannot look away.

Your retro moment of the day (and when I was a kid, this played on the jukebox at a restaurant my dad owned for while. I would play it and sing it loud and proud. Much to the dismay of customers. Yeah, I was a curious and annoying child.)



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28 06 2008
Johnny Horton and The First Music Video | Country Radio Classics

[…] my buddy Newscoma posted this classic Johnny Horton video, and it tickled me to death.  I swear the videos being […]

28 06 2008

You have no idea what this does for me. My dad had this album (I assume he got it when HE was a kid) that he would play for us when we were kids. I grew up with his singing this song (and adapting the lyrics to include toilet humor, but I digress). This gives my heart a happy :).

29 06 2008

Poor Johnny. So much talent and so few hits. It’s hard to imagine given his influence, that — this cut aside — he was never much more than a regional artist.

And a NOTORIOUSLY nice fella. Hank Williams predicted/suggested that his wife would marry Horton after he passed—- and lo & behold…

29 06 2008

Well, I’ve never heard of Johnny Horton, but thank you so much for posting this! I did watch a sufficiency of variety shows in the 60s as a child who was not yet in charge of my tv viewing, and I can just imagine this being followed by the Ames Brothers. Or the Lennon Sisters. Or maybe Shelley Fabare singing Johnny Angel.

29 06 2008

Speaking of Johnny Angel…

30 06 2008

Ah, the Ed Sullivan Show in its heyday. Trivia note of the day: in order to release this song in the UK, Horton had to cut an alternate version, one in which the British won the battle.

Peskyfly, Horton had a number of national country and pop hits, didn’t he?

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