Feel Good Friday

27 06 2008

You know, the person I want to impress is Pesky Fly. ‘Cause he is the man…. He reminds me of my …


I know, I know …. but she was the Delta Blues theory woman.

I won’t impress but, you know, us liberals …

And this is just fun.

UPDATE: And, hey dude, I get it. Trying to sell a house too so I can move. Somewhere.

But, you know, Yay.

And mine is awesome and a stinker.




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27 06 2008

First of all, screw the British Invasion, give me a bunch of maple sypup sipping Canadians anyday.

Second of all, we have tickets to see those guys here in Louisville this July.

I get to see Naked Ladies!

27 06 2008

I’m so damned jealous I can’t stand it.

27 06 2008

Mom huh? I’ll take that. Most of my musical tastes were set into motion by my mom who went to school with Diana Ross and who was Detroit’s “music ambassador” in the mid 60’s, during the heyday of Motown and the height of the British invasion. She also stalked (my word, not hers) Dylan after moving to NYC. Needless to say, her record collection— singles and LPs— was flipping amazing.

On the downside (and don’t think less of me) I don’t care much for the BNLs. I do like this song though, and the vid quite a bit.

27 06 2008

Oh, and the URL is thepeskyfly.blogspot.com

I don’t know whose sucky blog you linked to but it actually sucks more than my sucky blog which hardly seems possible.

27 06 2008

I’ll fix it.
Yours doesn’t suck and I’m smitten with it. I’ve done that twice. (Strep throat, drugs…)
How did you like to be compared to my mom.
It was a compliment.
When she died, we donated over 200 books on musical roots to the Ned McWherter library.
I don’t know if anyone reads them.

27 06 2008

Fixed and my humble apologies. Back to the strep throat drugs.

This weekend could be a train wreck here at Newscoma. I’m telling you.

27 06 2008

Oh, if you couldn’t tell, I was blushing with happiness.

Audiophilia is usually such a dude disease (record swaps are always sausage festivals) but I got it from my mom. So it makes me happy whenever the record geek gene gets handed down from the matriarchy.

27 06 2008


(I’m in the midst of an allergy attack myself)

27 06 2008

My mom sang with the Everly Brothers. She won the Mid-South Talent Contest, but her heart was John Coltrane and Miles Davis.
In 1961, that wasn’t always of the good.
So, she did talent/beauty contests so she could sing.
She used to tell great stories about singing in Mississippi Juke Joints.
She loved them. LOVED THEM.
I’m glad I have a soulmate on this sort of thing.

27 06 2008

With. The. Everlys?

You know they are close to being my favorites (like I could really name a favorite). I played Bird Dog for the little girls earlier today. Really the most underapreciated group in pop music, I think.

27 06 2008

It was a contest. She won.
She sang Bird Dog in a couple of shows.
Yeah, Damn 60s. She probably would have been the best hippie girl ever.
I will send you the pic of her band. White boys and a blond girls making about 5 bucks playing juke joints. I can’t find the one with the Everly Brothers because of a fire at the paper and she didn’t save it because she was very, very shy until she sang
I do have an announcement about it though.
I wish people had a cellphone camera back in the day.

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