British Invasion Feel Good Friday

27 06 2008

Dang, I didn’t get the memo on British Invasion Feel Good Friday (there wasn’t a memo, I tease, I keed) but I love the British Invasion.

So I’m going to do it again.

More from Squirrel Queen, Killa, Pesky, LWC, Sharon Cobb, Scout, Ginger, Sharon, Slarti and Kat Coble.

Did I miss anyone?

UPDATE: I did. Goldnl.




3 responses

27 06 2008
Smooches For Feel Good Friday « The Squirrel Queen

[…] the rundown of all those contributing that I know of: Newscoma, Ginger, Sharon Cobb, Scout, Killa, Pesky, LCW, GoldnI, Slarti, and Kat. Possibly related posts: […]

27 06 2008
Sharon Cobb

That was a great version and video. Brian Jones looked so friggin hot on his Sitar.
I’d like to see a biopic about him. I mean, he was one of the founders of the Stones…it was his baby and he sort of had it taken from him. I’d like to know the real story from reliable sources.

He as definitely the cutest and creative, initially.

27 06 2008
Feel Good Friday: Walking on Sunshine! « GingerSnaps

[…] Slarti’s place (more 80s & a bonus track!), Kat Coble’s (some Zevon!), Scout!, Newscoma, and for a, ahem, differing viewpoint on things, […]

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