Our Greatness Is What We Fear The Most

24 06 2008

As sometimes life gets in the way and I can wallow in self-pity as quick as anyone, I’ve been trying to find my footing. Homer has reminded me that I haven’t been very grounded lately. She’s kind when she says it and I appreciate that someone else has noticed. Someone cared enough to notice.

Sisters are fantastic.

I think it’s a startling revelation as I get older that things seem so complicated and then, in a moment, everything is as clear as looking to the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea.

I’ve needed a change for years. Sometimes it is so overwhelming it strangles me and I have trouble finding my breath. And yet, the person who holds me back is sadly me.

And then I’m reminded.

When we create, we come alive; we’re making love to life. We use our unique talents, perception and skills and make the intangible tangible. Most of us generally know what we want in life. For every person, the answer to what brings us joy will be unique. For some it’s playing guitar or dancing. For others it’s writing, hiking, spending time with family, photography, or drawing.

So if we know what makes us feel alive, why do we resist it? Why do we avoid doing what we love to do?

Ivy posted this on Stumble Upon and I’ve read it twice.

The post from Pick The Brain discusses that many of us ignore and do not embrace our creative identity. Our fears of failure are more comfortable then accepting our imperfections.

The post ends with these lines.

The truth is, we’re often the most productive when what we’re doing has absolutely no purpose. We come alive when we’ve lost track of time, doing what we love.

Perhaps its not our weakness, but our greatness that we fear the most.

I’m going to have to think about this. And step out of the darkness into the light.

It’s time.




6 responses

24 06 2008

Right on. I was thinking of you when I read that article, actually. And wow, everything I thumbs up on SU goes on my friendfeed? Holy shit, y’all must get bored of me over there, haha.

24 06 2008

You spoke to me, my friend.

24 06 2008

This is great. Now you’re making me feel like I’m getting old myself….have been quite introspective myself of late on similar topics. Hee hee. Let me rephrase….we are not getting old….we are finally learning to truly appreciate this life. Right???

24 06 2008

We, my friend, are awesome. I think sometimes it hits me that if change is going to happen, I am the instrument of that change.

24 06 2008

There only thing I fear more than achieving my dreams and having nothing left to hope for is trying to achieve my dreams and failing at it.

25 06 2008

“Perhaps its not our weakness, but our greatness that we fear the most.”
I like this…

The person who holds me back is me also. May we both find the courage to let ourselves go, to let ourselves bloom.

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