The Costs Of Healthcare

22 06 2008

Kat Coble talks about the DEA, health care and the personal ramifications she’s had to deal with.

I’ve told him that since I’ve been told I can no longer supplement the Lortab with Anaprox (an NSAID), I need an alternative for pain management.   His office’s official alternative?

“Go to the ER.”

Well, I’ve been to the ER, gang.  More times than a 25 year old ambulance rig.  I know my ER bills by heart.  My average trip to the ER costs me (and my insurance company) around $890.   Had I an extra 12 pills–all it would take to manage the flare–it would cost me and the insurance company around $22.50.

Just read all of her post because it’s insightful.

It’s this sort of thing that makes me just want to throw myself in the road. Not everyone is an “addict.” Some people are seriously in pain. And their concerns should be treated with compassion.

People shouldn’t be treated as criminals.

And they are but they should be when it comes to their health. Yes, there are Prescription addicts out there and I’m not saying there aren’t.

It’s the reason so many of us just don’t go to the doctor anymore. We can’t afford it until it’s at crisis level.




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23 06 2008

thanks for your post

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