Political Tribes

22 06 2008

The Economist has a story today about how Americans are politically segregating themselves.

SOME folks in Texas recently decided to start a new community “containing 100% Ron Paul supporters”. Mr Paul is a staunch libertarian and, until recently, a Republican presidential candidate. His most ardent fans are invited to build homesteads in “Paulville”, an empty patch of west Texas. Here, they will be free. Free not to pay “for other people’s lifestyles [they] may not agree with”. And free from the irksome society of those who do not share their love of liberty.

Cynics chuckle, and even Mr Paul sounds unenthusiastic about the Paulville project, in which he had no hand. But his followers’ desire to segregate themselves is not unusual. Americans are increasingly forming like-minded clusters. Conservatives are choosing to live near other conservatives, and liberals near liberals.

The article talks of how people are joining a groupthink, if you will, of where they interact with like-minded people who share their political viewpoints.

I’m chewing on this. What say you?




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22 06 2008

Although creating an entire community out in Texas is a bit extreme, I think like-minded folks have always gravitated toward each other and congregated. Birds of a feather flock together.

22 06 2008

Yeah, but that’s not necessarily a good thing; we need the barriers broken so we don’t get too set in our ways. I’m pushing 50 and I find I am more hardened in my views each passing day.

22 06 2008

I think you guys are both making good points.
Actually, I’m with LWC on this one, but I also know that it’s getting a bit harder to not put with a burning case of the crazies. I think I want to move to Ottawa.
I have no idea the political climate, but there might be Bigfoots there and I might feel safe.

23 06 2008
23 06 2008
jim voorhies

ever been to west texas? there’s nothing there. it’s more vacant, useless land than you’ve ever seen, where there’s nothing to do for hundreds of miles. perfect place for them to congregate and it won’t change anything. west texas will still be worthless.

23 06 2008

No, I have to say I haven’t.
Thanks for helping me.
It’s going to be along hard ride.

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