Doctor Who Finale

22 06 2008

I watch television marathons because I want nothing to do with committing myself to things.

I don’t want to fall in love and have to wait week after week to build the story. I’m greedy and have no sense of responsibility or dedication (well, maybe to Lost) but seriously, I’m the perfect date. I hate getting “married” to something. I want to enjoy it and then go for a pizza.

I don’t waste the money these days on DVDs and I’m not organized or focused enough to deal with Netflix.’

Yeah, I’m groovy that way and at least I’m somewhat honest.

We won’t see Doctor Who until 2010 and it’s making me antsy. As I said, I’ll watch some tube, but I just hate the “attachment” to it all.

When I type 2010 for any reason, it kind of wigs me out. Where’s my damned flying car? I have a PT Cruiser named Steve Austin that I haven’t seen in three weeks. Seriously, I expected to be living in black spandex by now and my own personal jetpack with a robot that cleaned my house and talked to me about politics and robot gender identity.

Doctor Who is exquisite. It always has been. Due to nefarious although not illegal means, I’ve seen all of the latest season other than the Doctor’s Daughter. I loved Tom Baker. I loved Christopher Eccleston (and in some ways, he’s most tied to me for some reason. I love geeky, goofy, smart men and he hit it perfectly) but I’m smitten with David Tennant as well even when he’s most over the top. He does convey emotion and loss so very well and he’s like Macgyver on acid but so much cooler.

Next week, apparently it’s going to be everyone that we know in the 2008 finale. I’m hoping the swaggering Captain Jack from the Doctor Who/Rose seasons shows up and not the manchild who has his own show now. (By the way, Catherine Tate ROCKS the house. She’s just wonderful.)

As I said, as a kid from Hoots, we had four channels. One of them, my beloved local PBS channel, played Monty Python and Doctor Who (ahhh, Tom.)

You find joy where you can. I was an unusual child growing up in Hoots. I realize that’s not much, but it’s true and it’s all I have.

One thing I keep thinking is I reconnected with Doctor Who through the innertubes. I’ve had a couple of people say that if they had to choose between HD computers and digital televisions, they would go with a laptop.

Me too.  I would in a minute. I wouldn’t even take a second to make the choice.

One of those reasons is Doctor Who. Because I have more options to watch it.

And, if you haven’t seen Blink, you should. It will scare the hell out of you.




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22 06 2008
John I. Carney

During the interim here in the states between the Eccleston and Tennant eras, I took a mission trip and ended up seeing my first Tennant episode while on a KLM flight with seat-back video. I really lorded that over my California brother.

23 06 2008

Outside of the Moffatt two-parter, this season hasn’t been much to write home about. It’s been good but not great. I do like the role Donna is playing as someone who is truely a companion.

That said, I’m sick to death of the obsession everyone has with Rose…

I’m not excited about her return.

And hey, a year off won’t be that bad. I waited 14 years between the last McCoy season and the start of the Eccleston era…

Go and rewatch the classic series on DVD. It’s really the best.

23 06 2008

Oh and I have low expectations for the finale. RTD can’t write epic to save his life and I can tell he desparately wants this one to be epic.

23 06 2008

First George Carlin and now reminding me that my rendevous with the tardis is going to be delayed until 2010….Curses!!!!

I’m anxiously awaiting my season 3 on Netflix. I’m so behind it’s making me ill. I’ve been setting up my Mother’s satellite to DVR Torchwood…I’ve tried to get into it…really I have…but I just haven’t been able to ….the only thing that keeps me slightly interested is the crossover…but otherwise I really don’t care….it’s just not doing anything for me….

So excited about Catherine Tate being a more permanent fixture…can’t wait to bloody watch it!

28 06 2008

I just watched it and it was infact absolutely brilliant.
Heart Breaking, but brilliant.
I real bloody cliff hanger though, and i’m looking forward to next week.
So personally, I think you guys got proved wrong.

28 06 2008

Oh, Lexy. I love Doctor Who. I can’t wait to see the finale. It’s going to be awesome.

30 06 2008
Calling ‘The Doctor’ : Up Your Ego

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9 07 2008

Hi. Hope you can help, I have 16 questions about this season ender and
hope you can help answer them here:


19 07 2008

I love docyor who i loved david tennant and i loved the last episode but i am angry about waiting five months but I LOVE IT

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