Chez Bez Breaks It Down

22 06 2008

Chez Bez gets it about the economy. In his world, he’s been hit hard. As he is Chez Bez, he breaks it down in the way only he knows how to do which is, as usual, eloquent.

There are always those who simply do not tip. “I’ll take care of you later,” they always say. They never do. But then there are the types who are always good for a five, sometimes more. They are the regular travelers who get it. I’m nice to them and help them out; they’re nice to me and they extend the same courtesy in the form of a gratuity. Lately, however, these are the ones who are tipping two bucks where they used to tip five. Fives become twos and sixes become threes. They’re just as nice in demeanor but they’re tighter in tipping.

Midway through my shift yesterday, I decided that what I’m seeing at work is much like how the Titans tend to play ball. They move down the field, striving for that six-point TD, but they all too often settle for that 3-point field goal. I push the cart, carry the luggage, fetch the ice, but when it comes down to it, it’s just more Rob Bironas. I’m gracious, I thank the guest for staying here, and I walk away pushing those two bucks down deep into my pocket, thinking, “Well, ain’t that another kicker.” I guess this is where the other team takes possession of the ball: gas prices, milk and egg prices, etc., their prices just keep rising. My three to their seven. Over and over again.

That’s why we are going to work in a casino. You would know this if you were on Twitter. If economists paid attention to working stiffs like us, we could save the world.




3 responses

22 06 2008

Except, of course, that casino revenues in Tunica County are falling as well. There’s just not that disposable income these days (because it’s all been CONCENTRATED IN TOO FEW PLACES!)

22 06 2008

Well, I was looking for a quick escape … 🙂
I was thinking becoming a sensation on the beach. Newscoma with a tan and a martini would be awesome.

Yeah, bad things happening in Hoots. I know. I’m whiny.

23 06 2008

[…] as usual, eloquent. There are always those who simply do not tip. ???I??ll take care of you later confident in his abilities, hard work Deseret Morning NewsWhat does it take to change a […]

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