If You Insist …

21 06 2008

on lavishing me with presents, please don’t get me this. I’m a Miller Lite domestic drinker.

I thank you ahead of time. And, yes, I’ve seen these on people’s heads. Of course I was about 10 but still.

I must give the artist, Evelyn, an A though for creativity and it has it’s own charm.

I’ve been eyeballing this.

I thank you ahead of time for getting it for me.



4 responses

21 06 2008

If they make a Coors Light one, sorry, but you’re getting one. But you don’t have to pretend to like it.

21 06 2008

I will wear it only for you while drinking a Miller Lite or a Bass. You will get pictures.

22 06 2008

You get Bass down in Hooterville!? Can’t be on tap. I thought Amberbock counted as snooty beer down there.

22 06 2008

I have to go to Kentucky. Hush now.
But I do it for my sanity.

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