Flickr Account Deleted

21 06 2008

Recon has a so very not safe for work letter to flickr.

So yeah, I haven’t been posting lately as you can probably tell. The reason for it is this: The other day Flickr deleted my account for apparent violation of community rules without warning me, and I subsequently lost 4 years of pictures (and most pictures I posted on this site) effectively making my archives a blank slate. To quote Willard Shakespeare, holy f—ng s–t in a handbag. Anyway, I’m about to start the process of replacing the posts (all 1300+) with pictures I managed to save, but suffice it say the f—g wind was knocked out of me …

As I said, it’s not safe for work but it’s also very informative about what you can have on your flickr account and what you can’t. I favorite stuff that I like so I can go back to it.




2 responses

21 06 2008
Nside Nashville

Dude that totally sucks.

24 06 2008
Jeff Royce

This happened to me this week also. Have you looked into recovering the account? Is it possible?

I know I won’t build a new one after they killed so much of my work.

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