20 06 2008

I had a rough couple of days. I want to be clear that those days had nothing to do with me other than letting some rather disgusting business get under my skin.

I am constantly amazed with the attitude that people feel, due to my profession, that they are allowed to take liberties. I am not your therapist or your probation officer. When I say this, it’s that certain individuals believe it’s okay to say the most racist or sexist things to me and it usually enhanced during presidential political campaigns.

It makes me not like Hooterville during these periods of time and that’s sad as I’m one of the biggest advocates of this place. Yesterday, I had my fill. It got to me.

Of course I won’t go into the whats and whys of this mainly because it’s just nasty and after this post I’m not going to speak of it again, but I think that it’s pretty amazing that people just do not follow the Golden Rule and it isn’t hard to follow.

Treat people the way you want to be treated.

Wow, that was hard.

I want to thank a couple of blogging buddies that let me do the proverbial crying on their shoulders when they could tell by the tone of my writing the past couple of days that something was remiss. I can’t always do that when I walk out in Hoots. I also want to thank Squirrelly who has lived through this with me this week and was mad and sad about it all as well. There is the real me and then there is Newscoma. They are one in the same but then again, they are separate.

So let me say this loud and clear. It is not appropriate to say racial slurs to me and then justify it and call it a political position. It’s not okay to use sexist terms with me, it is not appropriate and say I’m a big girl and I need to take it like a man because these bozos wouldn’t do that to a man. It is not okay to approach me at dinner, in public, and start yelling at me about this presidential race and it turn into a personal, verbal assault.

You do not have a free pass to do this and it stops now.

It is just not okay.

It’s just ugly on a variety of levels and I won’t be subjected to it again.

Do we understand each other?

Don’t doubt it, I’m one of the most congenial people on the planet, but don’t piss me off.


Too late.




8 responses

20 06 2008
Southern Beale

I’m one of the most congenial people on the planet, but don’t piss me off.

Hey, I thought that’s what blogs were for! Keep venting, we’re all the better for it…

20 06 2008

Darling woman, I am so sorry you endure these things in both the name of journalism and the name of sensible people everywhere. I certainly don’t suffer those slings like I used to (being on the dark side of the biz now), but I’ve long kept Saint Elvis Costello in mind when it gets too too much (and I don’t have an escape route for another hour or two): “I used to be disgusted; now I try to be amused.” Sometimes the disgust just can’t be helped, however.

You know what’s going to be funny, though?

When you’re sitting there in heaven after Judgment Day, drinking sweet tea and talking to all your favorite people, and Saint Peter says over the loudspeaker, “Y’all come on up to the gates and flip off the self-righteous ones who said YOU were going to hell and they weren’t. Because THEY are. Yes, the good Lord does roll that way. Oh, and there’s cake at 4:30.”

20 06 2008

P.S. — I’m all for you saying, right out in public, when these losers do this, “Did you not pay ANY attention to your momma? Because I know she didn’t raise you to be a complete ass.”

(That’s one of those things we can get away with in small towns, because we usually KNOW their mommas and know they didn’t. Unless their mommas were sorry, too, in which case we can say, “I know your momma didn’t raise you to have any class, but it looks like you would have picked something up from passers-by in all these years.”

Kisses, hugs, and yet another vote to carry Mabel in a Snugli on your front and let her puke at these folks …

20 06 2008
Michael Silence

I know it’s much easier said than done, but consider telling the person politely and directly you don’t want to hear that kind of talk. I did that a while back to a person and I felt so much better. That was not in the course of my professional work, though, which complicates my above advice. Still, at the end of the day, it’s about your sanity and being at peace with yourself. Telling someone to take that talk elsewhere did wonders for me!

Say, do we all get to send you a bill for this advice?

20 06 2008

Well, I have about four beers in the hole for you.
Make it a case. 😉

20 06 2008

“Do you kiss your spouse/sweetie/whatever with that mouth?” always works for me. Sending mental hugs your way.

20 06 2008

Thanks nm.

21 06 2008
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