Opting Out

20 06 2008

Barack Obama has opted out of public funding for his presidential campaign.


I’ve never understood taking public funding in the first place. Oh, I know there is a science behind government and politics. There is also science behind bacteria growing.

Of course there is the wrangling from the John McCain campaign that Obama has broken a trust.

Well, as a taxpayer, my bank account is broken. So there.

I don’t know. I think the system has been broken a long time. Obama has proved he can raise funds needed in small (and some not so small) increments.

Of course I might be missing the big picture, but I’ve always been uneasy about lobbyist/corporate monies going into campaign coffers held in public trust.

And being that many people have talked about government being broken (I’m eyeballing you, Lou Dobbs) and should be run like a business, isn’t this good “business?”

I’m chewing on that in my cranium.




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20 06 2008

I completely agree. I hate that he set himself up for the flip-flop criticism by making the agreement in the first place, but it was a stupid thing to agree to and, well we’ve seen what happens when leaders refuse to acknowledge and reverse stupid decisions….

(Which of course is beyond even that, as Olbermann was pointing out last night, the “agreement” Obama made was nuanced and conditional, and his conditions were arguably not met)

20 06 2008

The main thing Obama has going for him is a clever internet scam, that generates millions in cash flow. This fact alone has been responsible for Obama to dramatically out spend Hillary Clinton, to win the nomination … and to out spend McCain, which might buy him the White House. And, who knows for sure where all that money is actually coming from? It’s a dark day in America, when someone with a thin resume can buy the Presidency of the United States of America.

20 06 2008
jim voorhies

screw nuances. he changed his mind. being adult and all, he gets to do that. he could say “well, I wasn’t sure how much I’d get on my own, but that went really well, so…” and be done with it. after all, he’s about change so why is it bad if he does some now and then?

mccain, on the other hand, isn’t getting much in donations and has to go for the fed money.

obama got a fair chunk of change from bundlers, apparently, but he’s getting twenties from regular people as well and they add up.

20 06 2008

He did change his mind. I don’t have a problem with it. The GOP would be calling it, if they had done it, business.

20 06 2008

Anyone remember,


20 06 2008

Just for the record, the Lee above is not the Lee who lives in Louisville who also comments here.

21 06 2008

Oh, I knew that Lee. 😉

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