The Voices In Your Head

19 06 2008

I’ve read a few posts lately, where people are asking their lurkers to unmask, comment, and I’m kind of puzzled as to why?  Why do you need to know who’s looking at you?  Are you worried about stalkers?  Well, if so, then I guess I’d have to tell you that you probably should have thought about that issue before you started blogging.  You know, before you threw your life out there on the intarwebz, for all the world to see.  It’s really the equivalent of allowing random strangers to come into your house and root through your undie drawer, in a mental way.  You know that, right?

Missy goes on to write about her perspective on how blogging opens up the world and how she welcomes everyone. That they read her posts and then they move on. That’s true. I have found that blogging is doing just that. It’s bright and shiny but then it’s moving on to something else bright and shiny.

I’ve met a lot of bloggers and I hope to meet some more. With that said, I dig comments. I don’t really worry about stalkers in my virtual world.

It’s the ones in the real world that make me take pause.



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19 06 2008

Personally, I like to know who comes by to read what so I know more of what to do to attract audiences. If I do post A and it gets 75 hits, and post B only gets 25, it makes me wonder if there’s any rhyme or reason to what gets what.

19 06 2008

I’m really glad you called attention to this. It’s actually creepier to me when I see a blogger calling out a certain person or location they saw on statcounter or sitemeter than when I see an anonymous reader visiting several times a day/week. I, personally, have an avid fan in Cambridge, Mass. and one in Tampa, FL; I also have a lot of people who find me by googling my first and middle names. I’m very curious, but I don’t want to freak them out, either.

It kind of feels like the kid who’s the center of attention at the party is picking on the shy kid in the corner who just wants to show up and then duck out. I’m the one who put myself out there–not them.

19 06 2008

Interesting. I try not to worry about my “readership” and just post what’s on my mind. But of course, I do like to get feedback – even a little.

19 06 2008
jim voorhies

People come to sites in the internet? Since when? You mean all that stuff I posted has readers?

woah! I thought it was all spambots.

19 06 2008

hmm. i never comment here, yet somehow you still know i exist, but i forget how.

20 06 2008

Twitter? And I’ve commented at the Big Acorn.
See, and yet it works.

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