Peeing On The Wheels Of A Bus

19 06 2008

No, I’m serious.

Cosmonauts have a tradition that is quite unique. They pee on the wheels of the bus that takes them to the launch pad.

No, I’m not lying. And I realize this post is not necessary but I thought it was interesting. More useless trivia from Newscoma.

From English Russia




4 responses

19 06 2008

It’s Buzz Whizzyear, “To Infinity and Beyond”

19 06 2008

Well, now we know how Russians exclude women from space. They just don’t pass the pee-on-the-tire test.

19 06 2008

“Peeing On The Wheels Of A Bus” is the best blog post title I’ve ever seen. It also sounds like it could be the title of a Tom Waits song.

19 06 2008

With titles like this, I’m trying to become the Kathy Griffin of the Tennessee Blogosphere.
And, well, that’s what they were doing.
Thanks Russ.

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