The AP vs. Bloggers

18 06 2008

From Xark.

He’s ‘tooning about this.

And, yes, I laughed. Go read him everyday.

UPDATE: Hell must have frozen over and the devil must be iceskating because Michelle Malkin and Daily Kos agree on this.

The only difference between the different parties so far has been tactics. Many have been supporting the call first made by TechCrunch to boycott all AP stories, yet Kos is calling for the exact opposite, telling bloggers they should be quoting more AP stories, and large chunks of AP text to force AP to test its threats in a court of law.




One response

18 06 2008

This reminds me of that old joke back in middle school where you’d get some kid to read “I AM SOFA WE TODD ED.”

Seriously, we should sent the AP over to the Middle East, and get them to do something so stupid that they unite Jew and Palestinian.

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