Five Missing Feet?

18 06 2008

This is so bizarre I don’t know how to even explain it so I won’t even try.

Efforts to resolve the mystery continue after a fifth foot was discovered Monday at the mouth of the Fraser River in the Vancouver suburb of Ladner.

All of the feet have been found in the waters of the Georgia Strait area between Vancouver Island and the B.C. mainland.

The first two feet washed up in August 2007, one on Gabriola Island, the other on Jedidiah Island. Then in February another foot in a running shoe appeared on Valdes Island.

Last month a fourth foot was found on Kirkland Island in the Vancouver suburb of Richmond.

And on Monday, foot number five, showed up in Ladner. It was the only left foot so far.

They think it might have been a plane crash but it’s still weird.

Sounds like a David Lynch movie.




14 responses

18 06 2008

That’s just what I was thinking (Lynch movie). Probably with an additional ear for good measure.

18 06 2008
chez beziat

Yikes! Letterman made a joke about this last night and I thought he was making the whole thing up.

18 06 2008
Joe P.

to paraphrase the cop in Blue Velvet: “yep, that’s a foot alright …”

and who knows, since last week Dr. Who worked with Agatha Christie to solve the weird case of the Giant Wasp, maybe officials could ring up the Doctor’s call-box??

18 06 2008

One more foot and they’ve got two yards.

18 06 2008

Has anybody brought in Bigfoot for questioning?

(And SQ, I’m doing my level best not to respond to that awful pun. Hilarious, but awful.)

18 06 2008

Aw Russ, go ahead and let it out.

18 06 2008
Laura Seddon

Maybe the feet are from an emergency room, or funeral home–students with a twisted sense of humour. Who else has access to human feet without the bother of the rest of the body?

18 06 2008

Some things are just too bizarre.

19 06 2008
jim voorhies

I’m sure they’re just 12 inches away from solving this case.

19 06 2008

They found another one this morning.
How odd.

19 06 2008

I guess SQ is right and we have our 2 yards….

19 06 2008

Give them an inch and they’ll take a foot.

19 06 2008

wonder do any of ’em match…

19 06 2008
Brian Sole

Investigators are stumped. They got off on the wrong foot.

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