Silence Interviews R. Neal Of TennViews

15 06 2008

Wow, it’s Bloggers-In-The-Press-Day today. Michael Silence is interviewing R. Neal about the world of blogging.

Here’s a snippet.

Blogs incorporate more multimedia, including video with the advent of YouTube. Twitter-style “microblogging” is popular among the younger, “short-attention-span” digital generation.

As an old-timer, I don’t get some of it, but I find all of it quite fascinating.

Lastly, while barriers to entry remain low and there’s an unlimited supply of pixels, readers’ time is finite.

Blogging is increasingly competitive as sophisticated readers become more selective. Launching a new blog is easy, but establishing a brand and growing an online community is hard work. Fortunately, people do it anyway, giving individual voice to millions in the “marketplace of ideas.”

Neal will be representing Tennessee at the Democrat Convention as a, you got it, official blogger from Tennessee.

Update: Wait, there’s more on Twitter and K-Town blogging.



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