Rex’s Theory

15 06 2008

Rex is writing this morning about bloggers and writing longer entries. Of course, I’m here only to blow his theory out of the water as I offer you this.

Finally, I have this theory: People don’t read past the first paragraph of a blog post (or the first sentence of an e-mail). If you are reading this sentence you are completely blowing my theory. You are to be commended and you prove that at least one person — you — still has an amazing attention span. Congratulations. Now, go read a book and enjoy your day.

I’m one of those cats that reads the whole thing. I never think something is teal deer.

Unless, of course, I think it’s too long to read.





5 responses

15 06 2008
Rex Hammock

So you’re that person. Thanks.

15 06 2008

Shoot, sometimes I don’t read past the Title.

15 06 2008

I too will read the entire thing … if it is good ‘riting. My June 10 post titled “Can’t Go Back…” is probably the longest one I ever published. Now I don’t really know if they all read it or not, but as of just now I have 17 comments, so it at least generated some interest. If you haven’t been over to read it, you actually might enjoy it since it’s about growing up in Huntingdon, a companion to Hooterville, how it has changed and how it has stayed the same…

[“What did he say?”, she mutters under her breath…]

15 06 2008

🙂 Winston, I adore you.
You get that, don’t you?

17 06 2008

Yeah, I pretty much read the whole thing too.

I think what really might be more like the truth is that other bloggers usually tend to read the entire thing, and that non-bloggers often don’t. Then again, who knows.

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