Lovely …

15 06 2008

And, of course, I’m winding up this talk about wisdom with a reference to my own dad. My dad, the one who taught me about baiting a hook differently for bass than for catfish, shooting a basketball one-handed with attention to the follow through because, essentially, he is one-handed and ignoring my sister rather than fighting with her when she said something irritating; the one who bought me a giant stuffed raccoon that was my size upon my first ear surgery, took me to my first Cardinals game, was King of the Courthouse to me for years and years, well, on this day, this morning, Father’s Day, HIS day, placed a large cup of coffee and a complete breakfast beside my pillow for me to wake up out of a fitful sleep to see and know that losing sleep over wisdom is far far better than being wide awake and missing it.

From the always thoughtful Scout.




3 responses

15 06 2008

Scout’s a good argument for Daughter’s Day.

15 06 2008

Indeed she is. She’s a lovely young woman.

15 06 2008

Thank you both and I’d definitely include the both of you too.:)

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