Left Wing Cracker Profiled In Commercial Appeal

15 06 2008

The Commercial Appeal is spotlighting Left Wing Cracker in today’s Sunday edition.

Steve Steffens grew up in a family that fostered lively political discourse.

“My father and I would have discussions that would almost escalate to arguments, but it forced me to defend my position,” said Steffens, 49, a FedEx customer correspondent.

His blog, leftwingcracker.blogspot.com, now serves as a forum for his political views and often generates discussions on local, state and national politics.

There’s more here.

I guess I can say I knew him when …

And the deadwood versions of news said blogs wouldn’t last.




5 responses

15 06 2008

Oh how awesome! Congrats Steve!

‘Coma, those links go to Google and not the CA.. but that’s OK, I think I can find the CA on my own. 🙂

15 06 2008

Posted pre-coffee. I should no better than to post before Java. 😉

15 06 2008

Awesome. And again I’m so glad for LWC, that rocks. 🙂

15 06 2008

Thank you, this right here means more….

15 06 2008

LCW is well deserving of the recognition and is a great introduction to blogs for those who don’t normally read them.

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