Enclave Talks Health Insurance

14 06 2008

I was going through our medical bills this morning and I found about $264 dollars that the Vanderbilt Medical Center charged me for a test that according to my doctor ended up being “not processed properly as ordered.” No where on the bill is the $264 credited. There was also a $45 blood test that did yield results according to my MD. My insurance company credited the $309 bill $222.04 for “contractual discount,” which friends in the medical profession tell me is a standard discount that insurance companies give to hospitals for supplies and service. And my MD tells me that I will need to do the test over again in the future.

Do you see the problem here? Not only is the hospital going to make a percentage of the $87.00 that they say I owe on a test that they screwed up, but the insurance company is going to count a percentage of the $222 they paid toward a total lump sum of expenses that they will use to calculate in the future costs to be passed along to consumers. Once I am charged a second time for the test, then both the medical and insurance entrepreneurs will be guilty of double-dipping. If the hospital labs screwed up the test, then the hospital should eat the loss and not pass them along to their consumers and the insurance company discount should not be paid on the charges.

I offer this to you because I’m about to get my own degree in alchemy and start boiling homemade roots that will most likely make me see my grandfather that I adored and died 28 years ago. And get naked in Wal Mart. These things happen when people need help.

Health care, campers, is a big deal.

Out of control, even those with insurance. A nightmare for those without it.




One response

15 06 2008

Between the rising costs of health care, other insurance costs, groceries, gas prices…. when is it all going to stop is what I wonder? When everyone but the extremely rich is in abject poverty or just about?

Probably needless to say, I have no health insurance and at this point just try not to think about it ‘cos, you know, what else am I gonna do. *shrug*

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